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World War Z Maps | Where does World War Z take place?

World War Z is a four-person co-op shooter that pits players against massive swarms of zombies all throughout the world. Players will team up and face hundreds of zombies in a fight to save humanity. World War Z takes place in four different maps all across the world that have been overrun by zombies. If one city is lost, it could mean the end of humanity. Protecting the four World War Z maps is essential to the survival of humanity. Are you up for the challenge?

World War Z Maps


In Moscow, father Popov and his team must fight off zombies while trying to find the secret Kremlin bunker. Players will have to choose their class, set up their base, and prepare for the attack. These zombies will do anything they can to get to father Popov and keep him and his team from getting to the bunker.


The beautiful city of Tokyo is about to be painted red with the blood of the plagued. Players will be part of the volunteer search and rescue team, that is aiding Japan in their countrywide evacuation. Players must protect the civilians at all costs, and help them make it safely to the Tokyo harbor.

New York

World War Z Locations

Zombies have taken over New York, and it doesn’t look good for the citizens that are trapped on top of a Manhattan office building. They must find a way to escape the city while avoiding the hoards of zombies. With zombies in the streets, buildings, and subways, escaping the Big Apple is not going to be easy.


World War Z Locations

A world-renowned scientist is trapped in Jerusalem and could be the key to helping stop this zombie plague. Players must invade the overrun city of Jerusalem and rescue the scientist before it is too late. The ability to activate a weapons system on an abandoned satellite base rests solely in the hands of the scientist, so failure is not an option.

World War Z hits Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on April 16.