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FIFA 19 1.14 Update Patch Notes | New Fifa Update Today

The Fifa 19 1.14 update patch notes have been detailed by developer EA. This new Fifa patch only includes Fifa Ultimate Team changes, with no disclosed tweaks to gameplay or performance. At the time of writing, the new update is rolling out across PCPS4Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This new Fifa update today weighs in at around 1.9 GB, suggesting that it contains a significant amount of content. Unfortunately, at least according to the official statement from the developers, this is not the case, with the patch making only a minor alteration to Fifa Ultimate Team. You can find the short list of patch notes below.

FIFA 19 1.14 Update Patch Notes

FIFA 19 1.14 Update Patch Notes

Like the previous patch, the Fifa 19 1.14 update is substantial in size, but seemingly without much reason to be. While the last patch targeting Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT), in addition to aspects of Visual/Presentation, the new update only focuses on the former, bringing one change to FUT.

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT):

Addressed the following issue:

  • An issue with the specialized telemetry tool being used to investigate gameplay responsiveness.

We’ll admit, it’s a very complicated line of patch notes, and doesn’t really tell us much about what exactly the developers are tweaking. Thankfully, the devs have explained more about the “Specialized Telemetry Tool.”

The tool is aimed at a selected group of players to get feedback on quality of gameplay responsiveness. This explains why you, or someone you are watching play, may see a post-match survey pop up. Again, not all players will get to provide feedback, so don’t worry if you don’t see it popping up in your feed.

The 1.14 patch notes detail a fix to this tool, so presumably it’s now working as intended.

Another issue that plagued Fifa players this weekend was the inability to play the Weekend League. Some users weren’t able to activate their WL qualification.