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All Rage 2 Character Profiles | Walker, Lily, Prowley, and more

Though the apocalypse did a decent job of wiping out most of the planet’s population, there are still many friendly (and unfriendly!) faces to meet in Rage 2. Many of these survivors have an interesting background, which you may miss out on if you don’t pay close attention and/or aren’t familiar with the first game. Happily, we’re here to provide you with all Rage 2 characters profiles, detailing who exactly CrossWalkerLilyLoosumProwleyKvasir, and Marshall are. (We’ve avoided spoilers in this guide. This is all information that is available to the player when first starting Rage 2.)

All Rage 2 Characters Profiles

Rage 2 Characters


Dr. Anton Kvasir has been involved with the Authority in the past, forced to work as the Chief scientist on their super-soldier program which gave rise to the mutants that roam the Wasteland today. During his time with the Authority, Kvasir met an Elizabeth Cadence, an old friend who he would later aid in escaping.

In their escape, Kvasir set the mutants free to wreak havoc on the Authority, which they far outnumbered. Elizabeth and Kvasir escaped in an aircraft, which neither of them were trained in controlling. Major James Casey, the Visionary’s right-hand-man, ordered their execution, which lead to the aircraft being shot out of the sky, costing Kvasir both his legs and his vision.

With the help of a giant mutant Kvasir had created in the past, they got away, leading them to the city of Wellspring. Kvasir then chose to live in the deserts, secluded and away from society.

When the war broke out, Anton Kvasir and Sgt. Prowley, among others, formed the original Rangers. Dr. Kvasir was one of the leading minds behind the Ranger armor development. The Rangers toppled the Authority warmachines and brought the much-hated General Cross down.

Kvasir was awarded a sacked authority compound after the downtaking of Cross, where he now lives out a reclusive existence.

He still continues his work as a researcher, creating breakthroughs in feltrite development for clean energy, as well as adapting crops for this strange Wasteland. Eventually, tired of wheelchairs and mechanical cockpits, he created a bizarre mutant, “Legs,” to replace his own.

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Lily is the actual daughter of Aunt Prowley. Raised alongside Walker, she was trained by Prowley to be the ideal soldier. She was in many ways the “golden child,” however, when it was found that you need pure Arkist lineage, it became clear that Lily could never become a Ranger.

Walker took her spot by default, and Lily focused all her time on becoming the chief engineer and weapons specialist, as well as the quartermaster. Having first trained to use Ark equipment, and later having learned everything about it, Lily knows the machinations of Ark equipment better than anyone else.

Having been raised by Erwina Prowley, Lily is a no-nonsense soldier with capabilities exceeding most and she knows it. With a sense of wry, cynical humor she works harder than most as well. Regardless of her ability to use the Ranger tools, she is an asset far above your normal soldier.

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General Martin Cross was the official leader of the Authority before and during the Authority wars. He led the bloody campaign to create a materialized new world order from selected affiliated Arks and thus created the Authority together with the other eleven visionaries.

By the end of the Authority war, Cross was mortally wounded.

In an operation to save Cross led by the enigmatic Doctor Bendros, the Authority research workers managed to clone Cross, and using the “DNAID system” originally designed by Dr. Kvasir, they were able to save his valuable mind as well.

The DNAID was transferred into a new body and Cross could pick up where he left off. However, with each clone, deterioration become notable, so a custom-designed exoskeleton was developed to ease pain and aid breathing for Cross and his clone bloodline. Additional development saw the exoskeleton being further equipped for combat.

The project to perpetually clone Cross came to be known as the Longevity Project.

Rage 2 Characters


Loosum Hagar is the daughter of Dan Hagar of the Hagar settlement. Together with the rest of her family she joined the Resistance movement at the beginning of the Authority wars and never looked back. During the war, she performed daring feats of intelligence-gathering and assassination on orders from the Resistance.

Her skill with the wingstick remained her greatest fighting asset. During one of her many runs into enemy territory, she was trapped and taken by a group of elite masked commandos. She was taken to a safehouse and interrogated by the unknown captors.

It turned out that these captors were on the same team as her. They were the Rangers, the elite group put together by Sgt Prowley and Dr Kvasir. They had closely followed Loosum’s operations behind enemy lines and decided that she might be representing a yet unknown enemy.

When she was about to assassinate a sleeper agent on the Authority side, they had to intervene. After this, the Rangers and Loosum kept tight communication via dead drops and coded radio, to make sure they didn’t muddy the clandestine waters by killing their own.

After the war, Loosum became a crucial part of the Wellspring administration as she managed to use her spy skills to broker delicate deals between proud and headstrong Wasteland forces. She became a much-loved diplomat in the city. When Old Man Hagar finally kicked the bucket after his stint as mayor for Wellspring, Loosum picked up the baton.

Rage 2 Characters


Walker is a well-trained soldier in the Vineland Wall Rats – the soldiers who keep the wall of Vineland safe from the outside. Walker’s parents, Hector and Nadio Walker, were heroes in the Authority wars, but were killed in heroic combat.

Walker was raised by the Sergeant Erwina Prowley, but was always groomed for a slot in the utmost elite group – The Vineland Rangers. Prowley’s biological daughter, Lily, is the exact same age as Walker and they were raised together.

When Lily and Walker turned sixteen, they were both tested for the Vineland Rangers. Lily scored better than Walker. She had always had the extreme drive to go the extra thousand miles, however Walker performed very well too. Both were, of course, given invitations to join the Rangers. But when they were being fitted for their Ark-tek combat armors, they found that only one of them could join.

An unforeseen glitch in the bioprogramming of the suits made it impossible for a half-blood like Lily (born of Erwina Prowley and a Wasteland Bandit) to don the armor. The armor would, however, accept Walker. Lily was crushed, but their friendship endured. They found common ground in the dry wit they cultivated around the irony of their stations in life.

Walker loved everything about being a Ranger, but was held back from becoming one. Erwina did not find Walker ready. Walker is very action-driver, fearless, and seemingly unaware of the concept of their own mortality.

Rage 2 Characters


John Marshall is a longtime resident of Gunbarrel. He settled shortly after the Authority Wars. His background is well known. Many respect Marshall for his service to the people of the free Wasteland, just as many fear his grizzled toughness and, of course, his tendency to whip out a sawed off shotgun to settle any dispute. Haunted by memories of battling on the frontlines of two wars, it’s hard to blame him for his rough habits, especially with him standing on a robotic leg that has been patched together so many times it’s barely functional.

Having fought on battlefields alongside the likes of Erwina Prowley and the Walkers (Nadia & Hector), culminating in being captured by the authority – Marshall has seen it all.

It doesn’t seem like the war even ended in his mind, he’s been stockpiling enough munitions to blow Gunbarrel off the face of the planet, should he so choose. He is connected with a network of spies such as Gulo, and is most likely seen serving booze in the Dud Primer Tavern.

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Erwina Prowley is a tough lady with battle scars to back up the attitude. As leader of the Warpath, she is still a very capable soldier and in active duty, a post which most would have withdrawn from a long time ago.

Prowley is an original Arkist, in that she was cryogenically frozen and put in the ground, infused with nanotrites. Like most Arkists, she was woken back up at the start of the Authority wars. She immediately picked the side of the Resistance to help rid the post-Apophis world of the dictatorship of General Cross and his Authority.

Prowley was a retired Green Beret in the pre-Apophis world, and as such she was well prepared for the necessity of unconventional warfare.

She is also one of the founding members of the Rangers – an elite unit of soldiers specialized in long range recon patrols and commando raids. The Rangers are what keeps civilians safe in the wasteland. Their armor is used exclusively by Rangers as it needs a nanotrite infused user to work.

Prowley took it upon herself to raise Walker after Walker’s parents were tragically killed in action in the final battle of the Authority wars. Not only did she take care of Walker, she joined the Vineland collective and helped fortify the compound to honor her vow to Walker’s parents.

Prowley was married to a former Wasteland Bandit, who sided with the Resistance – together they fostered Lily. She was supposed to become a ranger, but when it was discovered that only a trueblood second generation Arkist is compatible with the elite Arkist equipment, Lily was disqualified. As a result Erwina has doubled her efforts to train Walker, and while she holds Walker very dear, she shows it in tough ways if at all.