The Division 2 Skill Point Bug

The Division 2 Skill Point Bug | Why do I have too many Skill points?

A new Division 2 patch, unfortunately, means new glitches. In this instance, The Division 2 Skill point bug has cropped up and has left player with too many Skill Points . If you’re wondering what this issue is, or how you can fix it, you’ll need to read our Division 2 Skill point bug guide to get the lowdown.

The Division 2 Skill Point Bug | Leftover Skill points

The Division 2 Skill Point Bug

The Division 2 Skill point bug isn’t a game-breaking issue, but it’s one that is frustrating players. Since the 1.08 update went live, players have complained that they have an additional Skill point that they cannot assign to anything. That’s because there is only a finite number of Skills to unlock.

Even if players still have Skills to acquire, however, the extra point still looms large on the in-game menu. All of their Skills are unlocked, but there’s a Skill point still waiting to be used down the right-hand side menu.

Other players, such as The Division 2 forum user ipotu, have taken issue with the glitch too. This shouldn’t be classed as a big problem. However, players keep getting notifications that they still have a point to spend. As you can imagine, constantly being told this can lead to player frustration if they simply want to play the game.

The Division 2 Skill Point Bug | Is there a fix?

The Division 2 Skill Point Bug

Not yet. The Division 2 Skill point bug has only just been patched through, so any chance of a fix for it is basically zero. The only thing that you can do is let the development team know about the problem.

You can do this by posting in ipotu’s thread, which is linked above, or this bugs thread on the game’s Reddit page. The game’s support team will be on hand to check for bugs and other problems, so post in either of those to grab their attention.

Try and provide every piece of information you can too, as doing so will help the team locate the issue quicker and sort it out.

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