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Judgment Mole Identity | Who is the Mole?

The Judgment Mole mystery is one that permeates throughout the entirety of the game’s story. It’s not until near the closing stages is the identity of the Mole revealed and, even then, it can be tough to break down how and why they’ve pulled off what they have. The hunt for the serial killer, though, can be a lot more straightforward if you know exactly who it is. So, we’re here to help you be a little cheaty (not that it matters in terms of how the final act plays out) and tell you who the Mole is if you want to know ahead of time. Of course, MAJOR spoilers follow. You have been warned.

Judgment Mole Identity | Who is the Mole?

So, drum roll please… the Judgment Mole is: Kuroiwa, the detective who is one of the leading lights in Tokyo’s Organized Crime Division. Yep, it’s the crooked cop. You find this out after interrogating Hamura in Chapter 12.

The game does throw some red herrings at you at some points. ADDC lead scientist Shono looks suitably suspicious enough throughout much of the game’s second act, while the various lackies and sinister henchmen that flank the Vice Health Minister could feasibly have gotten into the eye-gouging game too. I was certain, myself, that it was the journalist Hattori.

But no. Yagami had to look a little closer to home; sure, it’s not the greatest plot twist ever, but ace detective Kuroiwa was in league with those looking to keep ADCC’s best interests at heart, even if it came at the cost of providing dead bodies human experiments.

Hamura also appears in the very late game as a fake Mole, though he only uses that disguise to get Yagami to chase him onto a Kamurocho rooftop and reveal a key piece of plot, which I shan’t reveal here. You have to discover some mysteries for yourself, you know!