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Fortbyte 4 Location | Where to find Fortbyte 4 in Fortnite

As Season 9 of Fortnite comes to a close, there are still a couple of Fortbytes that must be found. Today, players will need to find the Fortbyte 4 location, which is accessible by skydiving through the rings above Loot Lake with the Plasma Trail Contrails equipped. This is quite a mouthful, but it’s essentially another one that will require you to skydive through some rings, so it should be quite familiar. Here is a quick guide that will show you where to find Fortbyte 4 in Fortnite.

Fortbyte 4 Location | Skydive through the rings above Loot Lake

As the clue indicates, you’ll need to go skydiving if you want to unlock Fortbyte 4. Unfortunately, you’re going to need to have the Plasma Trail Contrails unlocked, which are quite deep in the Battle Pass. So if you haven’t played much this season, you might be in trouble.

Fortbyte 4 Location

The Plasma Trail Contrails are unlockable at Battle Pass Tier 89. If you’re familiar with the Battle Pass system, you’ll know that there are only 100 Tiers. So, you’re going to need a lot of XP in order to be able to get Fortbyte 4. If you’re close, you can check out our Week 9 cheat sheet to help you earn a little bit of extra XP.

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Once you’ve got that sorted, the rest is pretty simple. All you need to do is skydive through the four rings above Loot Lake and upon reaching the last ring, you’ll find Fortbyte 4 unlocked and waiting for you.

It’s important to note that you’ll need to skydive through the rings, not glide. While you can glide in between rings, if you glide through one of the rings, then you’ll have to start over. In addition to that, if you miss one of the rings, you’ll also need to start a new game, since the only way to reach them is from the Battle Bus.