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TFT Level Up | How to level up in Teamfight Tactics with a full bench

Teamfight Tactics has proven to be quite the craze and our TFT Level Up guide is here with a simple tip! The game that’s somewhat similar to Auto Chess has invigorated League of Legends players both old and new, although it may be a bit confusing for people who don’t understand this type of game. One of the less intuitive areas for some is how to level up your champions easily, especially if your bench is full!

First, let’s explain how champions are upgraded in the game. Simply put, getting three of the same Champion at the same Star Rank will automatically upgrade it to the next Star Rank. So, if you have two 1-star Garens and you buy a third, the three of them will combine together into a 2-star Garen. If you get a third 2-star Garen, it will become a 3-star Garen.

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You also have to concern yourself with the bench, which is the group of Champions that are sitting at the back of the field. You have to buy Champions to upgrade them, but what do you do if your bench is full? Thankfully, there is a specific scenario where you can upgrade your champions anyway!

TFT Level Up | The one easy trick for leveling up

TFT Level Up

Suppose that your bench was full. You want to level-up your Champions, but there’s no room on your bench to buy any new Champions. That means that you’re going to have to sell one of them at a loss, right?

Wrong! There is one very specific scenario highlighted on the /r/TeamFightTactics subreddit that can get around this problem. Suppose that you have a 1-star Kha’Zix on your bench. If you see two 1-star Kha’Zix Champions in the store, you can simply double click on one of them and it will upgrade your existing one to a 2-star automatically. No fuss, no muss, and (most importantly) no need to sell any of your existing Champions!