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Fortbyte 29 Location | Found underneath the tree in Crackshot’s Cabin

We are about to put a bow on the the Fortnite Fortbyte event, as there are only a couple of hidden items left to be found. In addition to the event wrapping up, Season 9 is set to end later this month and is bringing with it some kind of crazy event this weekend. With all of the excitement happening in the coming days and weeks, you better go ahead an knock out today’s Fortbyte so you don’t forget about it later on. You’re going to be looking for Fortbyte 29 and it can be found underneath the tree in Crackshot’s Cabin. Let’s take a closer look at the exact Fortbyte 29 location. 

Fortbyte 29 Location | Where to find Fortbyte 29 in Fortnite

Crackshot might sound familiar, and that’s because Crackshot was featured in the Season 7 announce trailer. Since then, we haven’t heard much from our holiday friend. However, he is resurfacing today and happens to know the location of Fortbyte 29.

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You’ll be able to find Crackshot’s Cabin in the icy region of Fortnite. You’re going to want to head to a small cabin on top of a mountain just north of Frosty Flights. As you can see on the map below, Crackshot’s Cabin is located along the edge of the map about as far west as you can go.

As you’re landing, you should see the cabin appear around a couple of trees. Once you’ve found the cabin, finding Fortbyte 29 won’t be difficult at all.

Fortbyte 29 Location

Simply head inside and you’ll see a giant Christmas tree next to a chimney with a bunch of chests.

Fortbyte 29 will be sitting underneath the tree waiting to be picked up. However, you should be advised, this will likely turn into a blood bath rather quickly due to all of the guns that are in the cabin, so you better get in and out quick!