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Rocket League Server Status | Is Rocket League down?

Rocket League has been one of the hottest games in recent memory and will likely only continue to grow after being bought by Epic Games. Due to its worldwide player base, the game has amassed quite an audience and has tons of players logging on at any given time. While this large player base is great for the game, it can cause a lot of trouble when the servers go down. Today, the Rocket League server status has been a little bit shaky with players reporting that the game is down. Lets take a look at what’s going on with the Rocket League servers and see when the game will be up and running again.

Rocket League Server Status | Not logged into Rocket League servers

Rocket League Server Status

A lot of players around the world are receiving the same error message while trying to log into the Rocket League servers. In fact, that is just the issue: The error message is stating that players are not logged into the Rocket League servers. Obviously, it is a tad tricky to play an online game when the servers are not working properly.

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One player took to Reddit to see if any other players were having issues logging into Rocket League. The poster, Vincay, received tons of responses that confirmed that the game servers were indeed down for others as well. The post even grabbed the attention of a Psyonix employee, the developer of Rocket League, who revealed that the PsyNet servers were down.

If you’re unfamiliar with PsyNet, it is Rocket League’s indicator that you are playing with a user on a different gaming platform. The PsyNet servers help with matchmaking and online play, so if those go down, it pretty much cripples the whole game. The Psyonix employee did say that the issue was in the process of being fixed, but at the time of this writing it seems that the Rocket League server status is still down for some players.