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Wolfenstein Youngblood Floppy Disk | How to decode Floppy Disks

As with most games, there are plenty of items that players can collect in Wolfenstein Youngblood. One of those items comes in the shape of an old-fashioned form of data storage. The Wolfenstein Youngblood Floppy Disk items are collectibles that are hidden throughout the game, which will add more information to the storyline, filling in the gaps for players. Floppy Disks can be found in the game pretty much at any location and will need to be decoded in order to retrieve the stored information. Let’s take a look at how to decode Floppy Disks in Wolfenstein Youngblood.

Wolfenstein Youngblood Floppy Disk | How to decode Floppy Disks

Wolfenstein Youngblood Floppy Disk

There are a total of 34 Floppy Disks in Wolfenstein Youngblood that will need to be decoded in order to be useful. For a lot of the Disks, the storyline will offer players hints on where they can find them, so you’ll likely already have a couple of them in your possession. If not, simply pay attention to the dialogue in the story and you’ll find some rather quickly.

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In order to decode the Floppy Disks, you’ll need to use a Floppy Terminal, which is capable of decoding the information on the Disk. These will look like an old school computer and can be found rather easily. On occasion, you’ll have to decode a Floppy Disk before you can leave a mission. This should be a good indicator that there is a Floppy Terminal nearby.

Once you’ve found a Terminal, all you need to do is run up to it and press Square if you’re playing on PS4 or the corresponding action button on other platforms. Once you do that, the Disk will begin to decode itself and you’ll be given the information that you need. You can decode your Wolfenstein Youngblood Floppy Disk on any of the Floppy Terminals, so if you have some extras when you come across one, make sure to go ahead and decode them while you’re there!