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FIFA 20 FUT House Rules | How to play Ultimate Team Friendlies

EA Sports’ pre-season training is going to plan, with the developer announcing plenty of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team changes as we edge towards the game’s release date. In this guide, we’re taking a look at the brand-new FIFA 20 FUT House Rules and updates to the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Friendlies options. We’ll let you know how to play FIFA 20 FUT friendlies and tell you all about everything that has been added to the mode, including new House Rules. Time to get some practice in before playing FUT Max Chemistry, Swaps, and Mystery Ball House Rules Friendlies.

FIFA 20 FUT House Rules | How to play Ultimate Team Friendlies

FIFA 20 FUT House Rules

According to the official FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Pitch Notes, you can take part in local or online Ultimate Team Friendlies complete with House Rules. A new Hub houses all of the FUT Friendlies options. Simply head there and you can choose what kind of Friendly match you want to play.

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Any Friendly match you play will not consume fitness or contracts of any of your players. You will also be able to see an in-depth stats page of your records against your friends in Friendly matches. Read on to learn more about the FIFA 20 FUT House Rules options.

FIFA 20 FUT House Rules | What are the new Ultimate Team House Rules?

FIFA 20 FUT House Rules

As stated above, EA Sports is dramatically expanding what we can do in FIFA 20 FUT Friendlies. This includes the addition of FIFA 19’s House Rules along with four brand-new offerings, two of which are exclusive to this year’s Ultimate Team.

Read through the list of FIFA 20 FUT House Rules modes below:

  • Classic Match
  • Headers & Volleys | You can score with headers and volleys only
  • King of the Hill | A randomly generated zone will appear on the pitch. Fight for possession of the zone to help determine how many goals your next goal is worth
  • Long Range | A goal scored within the box counts as one goal, whereas a goal scored from outside the box counts as two
  • Max Chemistry | Exclusive to Ultimate Team. Every player has their individual chemistry maxed out
  • Mystery Ball | Every time there is a stop in play, a random boost to passing, shooting, speed, dribbling, or all of the above will be applied to the attacking team
  • No Rules | No free-kicks, cards, penalties, or offsides. Can tackle however much you’d like, however tough you’d like
  • Swaps | Exclusive to Ultimate Team. Three players from either team are randomly swapped with your opponent
  • Survival | You lose a player every time you score a goal

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