Will the NCAA allow college teams in Madden 2020?

It’s been six years since the last NCAA College Football game released and its left a noticeable hole in fans hearts. After a bunch of legal back and forths, it was determined that the college football games would be no more until the developers were able to pay the college players for using their names. Thankfully, the upcoming Madden game is trying to do something about that, and will feature college teams in Madden 2020After long battles with the NCAA, it seems that EA has finally found a way to legally include some colleges in its game without breaking the bank.

Will there be college teams in Madden 2020?

college teams in Madden 2020

College teams will be making a return in Madden 20, but it won’t be in the way that most fans hoped. There will be ten colleges that are featured in the upcoming game, with the main focus surrounding your personal player. This means that you won’t be playing as your favorite college player, but instead you’ll be playing as a player that you created. For those who played the Road to Glory mode in NCAA Football 14, this will likely look familiar.

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However, the catch is that you will only be able to play in the College Football Playoffs with your created player. This means that you won’t be able to play through a teams schedule and then try to reach the championship game, nor will you be able to play a bunch of games against other colleges. You’ll only be able to face off against one of the ten teams in the road through the College Football Playoffs. The ten college teams in Madden 2020 are Clemson, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Miami, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Texas Tech, and USC.

While this isn’t quite what most fans had hoped for, it is still a step in the right direction. Hopefully, in the next few years, college football fans can see a full return of the NCAA Football games.