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FIFA 20 FUT Customization | New Ultimate Team customization options

We’re learning more and more about FIFA 20 Ultimate Team as we’re getting closer to the game’s release date. In this guide, we’re taking a look at the brand-new FIFA 20 FUT customization options. There are plenty of new ways in which you can add another layer of personalization to your Ultimate Team this year. Below, we’ll let you know all there is to know about the new FIFA 20 Ultimate Team personalization options. This will include what kind of new items there are and how to unlock FIFA 20 Ultimate Team customization items.

FIFA 20 FUT Customization | What are the new Ultimate Team personalization options?

FIFA 20 FUT Customization

EA Sports is adding to the Ultimate Team experience of FIFA 20 in a number of ways. You can make use of House Rules in FUT Friendlies this time around to make for some wacky matches among friends, for example. The main change, however, appears to be a deeper sense of personalization thanks to an expanded pool of customization options. There are several new item types that you can unlock and earn in FIFA 20 FUT thanks to the new Season Objectives and XP system.

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According to the official FIFA 20 FUT Pitch Notes, “there are going to be thousands of combinations to personalize your club.” You can mix and match eight different customization options in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. The eight categories are as follows:

  • Away Kit
  • Badge
  • Ball
  • Celebration
  • Home Kit
  • Stadium
  • Stadium Theme
  • Tifo

Both the Stadium Theme and Tifo items are brand-new to FIFA 20 FUT. The Stadium Theme appears on the sidelines of your pitch and can be seen in the crowd. The Tifo, meanwhile, is a large screen-like banner (usually containing players, as far as we can tell) that appears over the crowd, behind the goals. You’ll see your Tifo during replays and in pre-match intros. The custom celebration you have chosen will be applied to the A or X button (depending on what console you are playing on). You will still be able to use any other celebration as you would normally, however.

You’ll unlock FIFA 20 FUT customization items as Season Rewards and, hopefully, through standard Ultimate Team packs. You’ll be able to apply any item you have unlocked or been rewarded in the Customize menu tab, which you’ll find next to the Transfer Market, Squad, and Club tabs.

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