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Fortnite Weekly Challenges | Were Weekly Challenges replaced with Missions?

With the release of Fortnite Season 10, a lot of players are hopping on Fortnite to see what has changed with the new season and what kind of new challenges have released. They will be in for quite the surprise when they realize that Epic Games has completely done away with Fortnite Weekly Challenges. If you check your list of challenges, you’ll see something new in the queue, called Missions. What exactly are these and have Weekly Challenges been replaced with Missions?

Fortnite Weekly Challenges | What are Missions?

Fortnite Weekly Challenges

If you’re one of the millions of players who play Fortnite, then you were probably just as surprised as everyone else to see that Weekly Challenges are gone. They have been replaced with a new series of challenges called Missions, which contain fourteen challenges instead of the typical seven.

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In addition to having double the amount of challenges, Missions also give players the option to prestige. This option is only unlocked after players have completed the first set of seven challenges. Upon completion, players can prestige to a harder version of the same challenge, with a different set of rewards. This is quite different from anything the Epic has done in the past, and likely is part of an initiative to make the Fortnite Weekly Challenges a little bit harder.

It isn’t clear yet if Missions are exclusive to Season 10 or if they are the beginning of the new normal. There are two sets that released with the launch of Season 10, the Road Trip Missions and the Rumble Royale Missions. The Road Trip Mission is an ode to Season 5, and this change is likely aimed to fit the Season 10 theme of a rewind in time.

If you aren’t familiar with 10, the new season seems to have somehow gone back in time prior to the meteor destroying the island in an earlier season. This has resulted in a giant meteor streaking across the world of Fortnite just moments before it hits the ground, as well as the return of Dusty Depot. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll want to hop on and check it out for yourself.