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Fortnite Tilted Town | Season X Tilted Tower Wild West changes

Yee-haw, Fortnite fans, for dataminers have leaked Fortnite Tilted Town ahead of its official unveiling on the Season X map. This new Season 10 location, as you probably guessed from our greeting, looks like it could also have a Wild West theme. If you want to get a look at this brand-new area before Epic Games patches it through, we’ve got you covered. Have a read of our Fortnite Tilted Town guide to get the scoop before anyone else.

Fortnite Tilted Town | New Season 10 map location

Fortnite Tilted Town

Let’s take a deep dive into Fortnite Tilted Town. As its name implies, Tilted Town seems to be replacing Neo Tilted from Season 9. Judging by footage leaked by prominent dataminer FortTory, it looks like we’ll be getting a Western vibe too.

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The footage begins with a brief bird’s eye view of the town. It might not look too Wild West to begin with, but that’s because FortTory hasn’t cleared out Neo Tilted’s buildings and discovered what will replace them. We get a better idea of this Western theme as FortTory takes a look at street level. You can see horse-drawn carriages, bales of hay, and wooden bridges with ram skulls hanging from them.

Other bits and bobs on display are campfires, which are already a feature in Fortnite, and water wheels too. There’s a river that looks like it runs through the heart of Tilted Town as well, and what appears to be a wooden drawbridge. This could be raised with a lever and could play into a fun little weekly challenge that you’ll have to complete. How fun would it be to raise the drawbridge and cause a couple of players to be launched into the air?

Finally, there’s a cave section that could make for a good hiding place and a dusty road that leads in and out of town. We wonder if Epic Games will collaborate with Lil Nas X and get an “Old Town Road” LTM going…