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Battlefield 5 1.23 Update Patch Notes

A brand-new Battlefield 5 update is rolling out across PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 7, 2019. Skip to the end of this guide to read through the complete list of Battlefield 5 1.23 update patch notes. Be warned, though: There are only a couple of patch notes to tell you about here. Despite the small number of patch notes, the Battlefield 5 version 1.23 update does bring with it a good number of important fixes. We’ll tell you all about it all in the highlights featured below.

Battlefield 5 1.23 Update Patch Notes | Highlights

Battlefield 5 1.23 update patch notes

As stated above, there isn’t too much to write about here in terms of patch notes. Nothing new has been added to Battlefield 5 thanks to the 1.23 update, nor are there any notable changes to its gameplay. Instead, this update focuses on fixing the game. What we have here are a couple of important crash fixes that have been plaguing the game as of late.

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The update should be available to download on PC around 1 AM PT/ 4 AM ET, PS4 at around 2 AM PT/ 5 AM ET, and Xbox One at around 3 AM PT/ 6 AM ET. The update should be around 800 MB on PC and around 50 MB on Xbox One (it’s expected to be not much larger than either on PS4). Be aware, however, that the update might well be slower on PC than it should be, but should download correctly if you leave it to it.

Crash Fixes

The small but important update brings with it a number of important crash fixes. EA has claimed that it should eliminate “the most common cause of crashing on all platforms.” Time will tell if this is true, especially given as the fix should be applied throughout each and every game mode.

The 1.23 update also brings with it a fix for the pesky airplane bug in Practice Range. This is a separate crash fix to that listed above, but no less important. When interacting with Planes on Practice Range, Battlefield 5 should no longer hard crash on any platform, which is great news.

Battlefield 5 1.23 Update Patch Notes

Battlefield 5 1.23 update patch notes

Read through the complete Battlefield 5 1.23 update patch notes below, courtesy of EA:

  • Eliminated the most common cause of crashing on all Platforms, across all game modes
  • Separately fixed a different issue, addressing a hard crash in Practice Range when interacting with Planes