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Fortnite Frostwing Battle Bling | Ice Dragon Egg challenge reward

Well well well, data miners have discovered what’s known as the Fortnite Frostwing Battle Bling in the game’s files. This leak seems to be a reward for what looks like an Ice Dragon Egg challenge. Color us intrigued and, if you have been too, you’ll want to find out much more about this. Have a read of our Fortnite Frostwing Battle Bling guide to get the lowdown on this back bling, its release date, and more.

Fortnite Frostwing Battle Bling | Leaked back bling

Let’s have a look at the Fortnite Frostwing Battle Bling leak. Well-known data miner FortTory was the first to reveal that this was present in the game’s code and subsequently posted it online.

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According to the files that FortTory posted, some form of Ice Dragon Egg challenge will be required to “upgrade” the Frostwing Battle Bling. It’s unheard of for players to upgrade a cosmetic by collecting a specific item in Fortnite, but maybe this is something new for Season 10.

Whatever it is, grabbing as many Ice Dragon Eggs as you can allow you to make your Battle Bling a much cooler, and potentially more formidable, accessory. It looks ridiculously awesome from the main image on this guide, but that could be the final version once you’ve completely upgraded it.

Fortnite Frostwing Battle Bling | Release date

Fortnite Frostwing Battle Bling

There isn’t a release date for the Frostwing Battle Bling yet. It’s been hidden away in the game’s code, so it’s obvious that Epic Games don’t want it to be found. Well, as best as the developers can with all these data miners around anyway.

Season 10 has only just kicked off, and players are having to get used to the challenges overhaul, new locations like Tilted Town, and weapons like the Brute mech. As such, we wouldn’t expect the Frostwing Battle Bling challenge to show up for a few weeks yet. Once we have official word on a launch date, we’ll let you know.