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Pokemon Sword and Shield PokeJobs | Jobs in Pokemon guide

If you thought Nintendo was done with its Pokemon Sword and Shield reveals, PokeJobs will make you think again. These Galar-exclusive challenges were revealed in a Japanese trailer for the game but were absent from the English language one. There’s uncertainty over what these tasks will be, as well as what rewards you’ll get for completing them. To get all of the information you’ll need on jobs in Pokemon, check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield PokeJobs guide.

Pokemon Sword and Shield PokeJobs | Pokemon Center jobs

Pokemon Sword and Shield PokeJobs

Let’s have a look at what Pokemon Sword and Shield PokeJobs will be. According to well-known Pokemon Twitter fan account Serebii, PokeJobs are extra tasks that you can undertake in the game. You will be able to send your Pokemon off to perform these tasks, and once they complete them, they’ll earn Experience Points like they normally do from Trainer Battles.

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To find a list of what jobs are available, you’ll have to head to the Rotomi PC at the Pokemon Center. In the recently released Japanese trailer, PokeJobs will allow the critters that you’ve stored on your PC to get experience from these tasks. This makes sense as, in previous games, stored Pokemon wouldn’t be able to gain XP and level up if they’re stuck on the PC.

Judging by the footage, which you can see from the 1:40 mark, there will be a number of PokeJobs to choose from. You can send any number of stored Pokemon on them too. The trailer showed one Trainer waving off six stored Pokemon on the mission before they return to the delight of their Trainer.

There could also be difficulty levels for these jobs. Taking a look at the left-hand side of the screen, there’s a star rating that could show how easy or hard it’ll be to complete a certain task. More challenging ones could give your Pokemon more XP, but might take longer to complete.

That’s all we know for now but, if we find out more before launch day, we’ll let you know.