SteamWorld Quest Free Update | New Game Plus, Legend Remix difficulty, art gallery

Image & Form Games announced a SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech free update coming very soon to the card-based, robot-fantasy RPG. The update introduces a SteamWorld Quest new game plus mode, the new Legend Remix difficulty mode, and more. Read this guide for a full rundown of everything we know about the SteamWorld Quest update.

SteamWorld Quest New Game Plus

The free update’s most significant addition is the SteamWorld Quest new game plus mode, which will allow players to play through the game’s campaign again with all of the cards, items, and “some other stuff” they unlocked in their previous playthrough. The game’s story will be reset, so players will still start out with only Armilly and Copernica in their parties. It wasn’t clearly stated by the devs in the announcement, but it seems players will still have their collected cards and items for other characters from the beginning of the game, so they’ll be able to use them once those characters are added to the party.

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SteamWorld Quest Legend Remix difficulty

SteamWorld Quest new game plus update

In addition to the existing Squire, Knight, and Legend difficulties, the update will add a new difficulty mode called Legend Remix. Legend Remix is only available in new game plus, and the mode both increases the general difficulty and changes up enemy encounters to make them even more difficult.

SteamWorld Quest art gallery and jukebox

The update also adds an art gallery to the game, which allows players to view 57 art pieces, unused sketches and character designs, and concept art. According to the devs, these also include “official fanart” from the dev team, one of which appears to be the main party drawn as traditional, D&D-style fantasy characters. The update’s jukebox functions similarly to the art gallery, letting players unlock every song in the game.

SteamWorld Quest changes and fixes

SteamWorld Quest Legend Remix new difficulty mode

Several other additions are coming to the game in the free update: The Nintendo Switch version of the game will receive HD Rumble support; shops will now stock more potions and consumables for players to purchase; the entry requirements for the Midas Grand Prix tournament have been lowered (though the devs did not specify how); and there will be additional bug fixes and balance changes.

SteamWorld Quest Switch physical release

Image & Form Games also announced that a physical release is coming for the Switch version of the game later this year. No release date or details about the physical release were given. It’s possible that this will be a Limited Run Games release, though we can’t be sure. According to Image & Form, SteamWorld Quest is heading to other platforms soon, as well, so we could see a SteamWorld Quest PS4 and/or SteamWorld Quest Xbox One release in the near future.

To celebrate the SteamWorld Quest free update (and the six-year anniversary of SteamWorld Dig’s original launch on the Nintendo 3DS), Image & Form is putting the game on sale for 20% off beginning when the update launches.

The SteamWorld Quest free update will be released tomorrow, August 8, on all platforms. You can watch the full “The Engine Room” developer video about the update below.