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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Final Free Update | Epilogue, New Hairstyles, Weather Cards

Square Enix recently announced the final free update for Dragon Quest Builders 2. A lengthy livestream on the Japanese Square Enix YouTube channel revealed several new features being introduced the Dragon Quest Builders 2 final free update, including new hairstyles, an epilogue, weather-changing card items, and more. Read this guide for a full breakdown of all the new additions coming to the game. (These points are all translated from Japanese, so some details may differ in final English version.)

Dragon Quest Builders 2 save slots

Dragon Quest Builders 2 final free update save slots

The final free Dragon Quest Builders 2 update will introduce three separate save slots, allowing players to start new games if they wish. Data can also be copied from an existing save file to a new one in the main menu, which should let players have more freedom to experiment without fear of messing up a save file for good. The livestream showed a Q&A about the function of the save slots, which revealed details about how the system will work.

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  • When copying save data, players will be able to select whether or not to transfer photo mode data, but only the actual snapshots will be copied (no saved favorites or earned points will be transferred).
  • Each save slot can post up to 100 photos to the Bulletin Board, but all photos (300 maximum) will be saved under the same player ID, so liking other users’ snapshots from more than one save file will only be counted once.
  • Builder names, too, are common among all three slots, so changing it in one will change it in the rest.
  • Prizes earned for contest submissions will only be sent to the save file from which the contest snapshot was taken, not to all three.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 epilogue

Dragon Quest Builders 2 final free update epilogue

When players have 45 builder recipes, have checked off all infinite materials from all Explorers Shores, and have visited a Buildertopia at least once, they will receive a letter to unlock a new epilogue. The epilogue will allow players to invite monsters from the epilogue’s new island back to the Isle of Awakening. (The livestream appeared to show a builder speaking to the skeleton captain from Dragon Quest Builders 2’s opening.)

Dragon Quest Builders 2 new hairstyles

Dragon Quest Builders 2 final free update new hairstyles

The Dragon Quest Builders 2 final free update introduces eight new hairstyles for players to equip on their builders. Unlike previous hairstyles, these are not unisex, so each gender gets only four new choices. Each hairstyle is based on that of one of the game’s villagers, so players can make their builder look like characters such as Lulu, if they choose. The hairstyles will be unlocked after players have achieved the “Make a Villager’s Favorite Room” recipe. This can be done once you’ve built at least 50 different rooms, according to YouTuber BenXC, at which point villagers’ moods will be displayed at the residents register. Check out our Dragon Quest Builders 2 bedroom recipe guide to learn how to craft every bedroom.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 weather cards

Dragon Quest Builders 2 final free update weather cards

A new set of items in the final free Dragon Quest Builders 2 update will allow players to change the weather on the Isle of Awakening at will, making the environment clear, cloudy, rainy, snowy or stormy. These weather cards can only be built once players have completed all 60 challenges on the Isle and earned the Buildnoculars item. The weather cards can then be created at the Wizard’s Workbench.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 hero’s flag item

Dragon Quest Builders 2 final free update heros banner

Once Dragon Quest Builders 2’s story is completed, players will get the “hero’s flag”/”banner of war” item, which can be activated by holding the attack button. The item appears to call all residents on an island to the builder and to allow about 10 villagers (not just soldiers) to follow the builder, even crowding onto the game’s flying vehicle together.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 multiple Buildertopias

Dragon Quest Builders 2 final free update multiple buildertopias

The update will introduce the option to save up to three Buildertopia islands once players receive the letter that begins the epilogue.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 stability improvements & additional changes

Dragon Quest Builders 2 final free update stability improvements additional changes

The Dragon Quest Builders 2 final free update will introduce several other changes to the game, listed below.

  • The number of rooms on an island will be displayed on the menu screen.
  • Natural vegetation growth will be able to be turned off.
  • Players will be able to change the cursor speed of the Buildnoculars item from among three speed levels.
  • An arrow will be displayed to indicate the direction villagers are using items.
  • Stability improvements and fix bugs will be introduced.

You can watch the full livestream below. The Dragon Quest Builders 2 final free update will launch in Japan on August 20. There’s no official Western release date for the update yet, but it will likely come soon. For more Dragon Quest Builders 2 news and guides, head to our Dragon Quest Builders 2 hub.