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Madden 20 Rewards | How to join MUT Rewards

Most people love getting things for free, and that’s what the MUT Rewards program offers to players. Rebranded as Madden Rewards, players are able to earn free digital and physical rewards by opening up player packs in the game. With a couple of different status levels, players can earn some cool, free items for simply doing things they’re likely already doing. So in order to get in on the fun, here is everything you will need to know about how to join the Madden 20 Rewards program.

How to sign up for Madden 20 Rewards

Signing up for Madden 20 Rewards is a pretty simple process and will only take a few moments of your time. Simply head to the official Madden website and create or sign in to your EA Sports account to start earning rewards. EA hasn’t disclosed the reward specifics yet, but it has announced that alongside packs and coins, players who sign up will be eligible for exclusive in game events.

Players who join the Madden 20 Rewards program will be eligible for coins, packs, and a few surprise items throughout the season. There are three tiers that players can work their way through, each with better prizes than the previous tier. The Pro Tier will require players to open 50 packs, while the All-Pro Tier requires 250 packs to be opened, and the Legendary Tier requires players to open 1,000 packs.

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Aside from changing the branding away from MUT Rewards, players outside of the United States will now be eligible for digital rewards for the first time ever. With the majority of the NFL action talking place in the United States, it’s nice to see EA expanding its reach to players from other countries who enjoy American Football.

So if you’re an avid Madden 20 fan, there really is no harm in signing up for the free rewards program. If you’re eligible, you might even receive a physical reward on your front porch.