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Modern Warfare Connecting to Online Services Error Fix

The Modern Warfare alpha event is finally live for PlayStation 4 players, but as one might expect with any testing event, it isn’t quite going as smoothly as developers hoped. While trying to connect to online services, PS4 players are receiving a “you have been disconnected from online services” error message. After getting kicked out of the online 2v2 match, players are getting caught in a Modern Warfare “Connecting to Online Services” loop, which is preventing them from being able to reconnect. This prompts the question, is there a way to fix the Modern Warfare fetching online profile error?

Modern Warfare fetching online profile error

Modern Warfare Connecting to Online Services

Fans have been waiting for this day for a long while, the Modern Warfare alpha event, which happens to be exclusive to PlayStation 4, is finally here. Things got off to a smooth start, but all of the sudden loads of fans are getting disconnected from the servers. Essentially, the error will begin by kicking you out of an online match and telling you that you need to update your online playlist. Once out of the match, players begin trying to reconnect to the online services, and are getting stuck in a never-ending connecting loop. Unfortunately, from there players will eventually receive a message telling them that they have been disconnected from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare online servers

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This Modern Warfare fetching online profile error seems to be worldwide but doesn’t seem to be impacting every player. Reports on the Modern Warfare Reddit page reveal that it is happening both in Europe and North America. However, some players are also stating that after a few attempts they were able to get back into an online game. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any way to avoid the issue nor is there a particular rhyme or reason to the chaos.

At the time of writing, there doesn’t seem to be any official statement from developers. The best way to keep your eye out for any new news surrounding the Modern Warfare fetching online profile error will be to watch the official Call of Duty Twitter page for any updates.

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