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The Surge 2 | How to beat Brother Eli

After having you do his dirty work and framing you for murder, this nefarious character will surely be a pleasure to put down. The Surge 2 Brother Eli boss battle isn’t too taxing, to begin with, but when Eli calls in reinforcements things can quickly take a turn. Here’s how to best the fanatical cult leader and his annoying pair of goons.

The Surge 2 | Brother Eli boss guide

The Surge 2 Brother Eli

The opening stages of this battle almost couldn’t be simpler, especially if you make liberal use of your newly acquired EMP drone module. Brother Eli, in a first so far for The Surge 2, is a completely unarmored boss and this means that he’s susceptible to heavy damage all over his body. Combine this with the ability to repeatedly stun him through the use of the EMP and a heavy-duty weapon can prove very potent, as you’ll be able to unleash the laboriously heavy swings pretty much unchallenged if you don’t get too greedy.

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In fact, the early section can almost feel like you’re cheesing the game, but The Surge 2 soon gets you back by dropping reinforcements into the battle. The makeshift arena in this instance is very cramped, and now especially so with two additional enemies occupying it, though you can use this to your advantage in a couple of ways. Firstly, you can kite the group of enemies by strafing around the perimeter and then hit the group with an EMP, potentially allowing you a window to hit everyone at once with a high-risk horizontal attack, after which you’ll need to immediately get out of dodge. Secondly, dying and subsequently leaving any Tech Scrap on the ground means that the area of effect healing status will beneficially apply to a large portion of the battlefield.

Hopefully, it won’t even come to that, however, as there’s a slight delay between each of the armored reinforcements dropping in. Mercifully, the developers at Deck13 seem to have reduced the health pool for these two units, who go down much more quickly than their counterparts do outside of the context of a boss battle, which means that by rapidly targetting an unarmored area on their person and landing a couple of heavy hits they can be dealt with individually.

Otherwise, it’s definitely also possible to use a faster weapon and just be opportunistic with how you handle the multiple targets, safely whittling them down over time with enough patience. That and continued help from the EMP, which can be used to prevent those you aren’t planning to wallop with a stick from getting involved.