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Mario Kart Tour Nintendo Account Link | Can I play without linking a Nintendo Account?

As soon as you launch Nintendo’s new arcade racing game on either iOS or Android you’re prompted to perform a Mario Kart Tour Nintendo Account link before you can play. But can you play Mario Kart Tour without a Nintendo Account? Can you login using Facebook, Google, or any of the other services that usually allow you to access an online game? For those without an existing Nintendo Account or those that’d just rather not perform the linking process, is there a way to get around this?

Mario Kart Tour Nintendo Account Link | Can I play without linking a Nintendo Account?

Mario Kart Tour Nintendo Account link

In Mario Kart Tour‘s own words, players “must” connect to a new or existing Nintendo Account in order to play the game and unfortunately, this holds true. Your only option is to proceed as trying to circumvent the process by canceling just puts you back at the start with the message that “Linking to a Nintendo Account was canceled.”

You won’t be able to get any further than the very first menu pop-up if you refuse to go through with the link, but while this may be somewhat frustrating, the Nintendo Account linking process is about as quick and painless as it gets.

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If you’re logged into your chosen mobile device using an email address that’s already associated with a Nintendo Account, then when you accept the notification that the application wants to sign in via the official Nintendo website you should see your existing profile at the top of the page and just need to tap “Select this person” before you can proceed to the tutorial. If not, then you can sign in by hitting the relevant button.

Should you not have a Nintendo Account at all, there’s also the option to create either a child or adult account from within the game. You can expedite the creation process by connecting with your existing Nintendo Network ID or social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Otherwise, you’ll simply need to decide on a nickname before sharing some necessary personal details and setting a secure password.

With that out of the way, now it’s time to hit the track!

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