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How to fix the Ghost Recon Breakpoint 00800 error code

If you purchased the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ultimate or Gold Editions and want to play badly, but you’re getting a Mountain-00800 error code, do not despair. There is a solution to this problem and a very simple one, although Ubisoft doesn’t even mention it on the official Ghost Recon Breakpoint error code list.

Ubisoft’s official reply to the Mountain-00800 error code is that players who are getting this warning aren’t eligible to play Early Access. Furthermore, they tell players who own the Ultimate or Gold Edition with the Year Pass to keep trying to reconnect to the servers, something that isn’t exactly the most reassuring advice.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Mountain-00800 error code | What you can do

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Mountain-00800 error code 2

A considerable number of players are reporting this error, but not everyone seems to get a straight answer. Luckily, a few of them discovered the workaround for the problem after reaching out to Ubisoft.

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To avoid the error, all you must do is redeem your Year One pass. However, this fix is only for physical editions, according to Ghost Recon Breakpoint player MaxVel. The instructions are the following, in case you can give it a shot, in this case on PS4:

“Go to the PS store, scroll down to “redeem code”, follow instructions and you’re in. Written instructions should be on the back of your code sheet, if you’ve got a physical copy.”

Players who have purchased a digital copy of Ghost Recon Breakpoint have to keep trying to connect to the servers, because this seems to be an issue on Ubisoft’s end. It’s regrettable that gamers who invested in special editions to get a head start are unable to access the game, but this will hopfully be fixed in time for the official release on October 4. Between this and the backlash that Ghost Recon Breakpoint is getting for its microtransactions, the game is having a bit of a rocky pre-launch launch.