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How to play with friends in Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 was one of the biggest Switch games for Nintendo this summer. Much like the previous title, players were able to make their own Mario based worlds and share there creations with others. However, one notable feature that was missing was the multiplayer option, which would allow you to play with friends in Super Mario Maker 2Well, thanks to a recent update to the game, players can now join up with their friends and play through some awesome Mario levels.

How to play with friends in Super Mario Maker 2

play with friends in Super Mario Maker 2

The recent v1.1.0 update from Nintendo lets players play with friends in Super Mario Maker 2. This means that you and a buddy can now race through some awesome courses in Multiplayer Versus or Multiplayer Co-op modes. Instead of sharing a creator code with a friend, you and a buddy can hop into versus mode and face each other for the spot. After all, the only honorable way to settle a debate is by racing through Super Mario Maker 2, right?

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As you might have guessed, you will need an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play with friends in Super Mario Maker 2. However, you already needed a subscription to try out other players levels, so the majority of players interested in playing with a friend should already have a subscription. However, if do not have a subscription, you can get one fairly cheap. The MSRP is $20 a year or $8 for three months.

Once you have downloaded the update, you should see the option to select Network Play. From there, you’ll be given four choices on your screen, which will allow you to create a private room with a friend or race against random opponents online. This should add an exciting component to the world of Super Mario Maker 2, as there will now be a little bit of a competitive spirit. If you’re looking for a new level to race through with your friends, we’ve put together a list of some of the best courses that are made by real game developers.