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How to carry enemies in Fortnite Season 11

Yes, you read that title correctly: How to carry enemies in Fortnite Season 11. A staggering new update to the game — simply titled Fortnite Chapter 2 — has arrived and brought with it several new features like boats, swimming, and fishing. Among these new features is the ability to pick up and carry downed allies.

A popular Twitch streamer has discovered something rather interesting about this new mechanic: whether by accident or design, you are also able to pick and carry downed enemies. From there, the potential for styling on the haters and various other shenanigans is positively endless.

How to Carry Enemies in Fortnite Season 11 | Yeeting your way to victory

How to carry enemies in Fortnite Season 11

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Twitch streamer Myth was highlighted on the /r/FortniteBR subreddit in a short video that is showcasing some of the latest gameplay. After an intense firefight, he figures out how to carry enemies in Fortnite and uses it in a hilarious fashion.

Why is the ability to carry enemies significant? To start, you can make it much easier to deny your opponents’ teammates from easily reviving their fallen comrade; simply pick up the downed man and carry him far out of their range before you dispose of him.

The bigger (and much more important) thing you can do is quite evident to anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes playing this game: toss that loser off of the nearest tall structure. Sure, you can shoot him or something, but why not chuck the dude off of building or cliff and laugh as he pancakes on the ground after dying from fall damage? The BM potential is practicallly endless.

As for how to carry enemies in Fortnite Season 11, the methodology is actually quite simple: it works the same way as if you were picking up an ally. From there, you can relocate your downed opponent to a safer location for a finishing blow or simply throw him from the highest location that you can manage to reach (or build).

One thing isn’t entirely clear: was this an intentional choice on Epic Games’ part? We can’t say for sure, but you should probably enjoy this while you can just in case it was a mistake. You can see Myth chuck a dude off of a building below.

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