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Animal Crossing: New Leaf List of Museum Artifacts – Fossils, Fish, Bugs, Art

Here are some lists of all the items accepted in the museum in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. If you want to complete the museum exhibits (and earn some rare items and tools in the process), you'll have to find each and every item for each exhibit and submit them to Blathers. Use the quick jump below to easily find the sections of the FAQ you're looking for.
Let's get to each list:


Here's a complete list of fish and undersea creatures for your encyclopedia and museum collection. Ponds are small bodies of water not connected to your river while lakes can be larger contained water, or areas where the river pools up. The times all refer to your in-game clock, so if you're time-traveling be sure to keep that in mind as your real-world and in-game timers may be different.
Species Location Time
Bitterling River November-February All Day
Pale Chub River All Year 9AM-4PM
Crucian Carp River Any time
Dace River All Year 4PM-9AM
Barbel Steed River Any time
Carp River Any time
Koi River All Year 4PM-9AM
Goldfish River Any time
Pop-eyed Goldfish River All Year 9AM-4PM
Killifish Pond April-August All Day
Crawfish Pond April-September All Day
Soft-shelled Turtel River August-September 4PM-9AM
Tadpole Pond March-July All Day
Frog Pond May-August All Day
Freshwater Goby River All Year 4PM-9AM
Loach River March-May All Day
Catfish Lake May-October 4PM-9AM
Eel River June-September 4PM-9AM
Giant Snakehead Lake June-August 9AM-4PM
Bluegill River All Year 9AM-4PM
Yellow Perch River October-March All Day
Black Bass River Any time
Pike River September-December 4AM-9PM
Pond Smelt River December-February All Day
Sweetfish River July-September All Day
Cherry Salmon River March-October 4AM-9PM
Char Waterfall March-June September-November 4AM-9PM
Rainbow Trout River March-October 4AM-9PM
Stringfish River December-February 4PM-9AM
Salmon River opening September All Day
King Salmon River opening September All Day
Shanghai Crab River September-November 4PM-9AM
Guppy River April-November 9AM-4PM
Nibble Fish River May-September 9AM-4PM
Angelfish River May-October 4PM-9AM
Neon Tetra River April-November 9AM-4PM
Piranha River June-September 9AM-4PM, 9PM-4AM
Arowana River June-September 4PM-9AM
Dorado River June-September 4AM-9PM
Gar Lake June-September 4PM-9AM
Arapaima River July-September 4PM-9AM
Saddled Birchir River June-September 9PM-4AM
Sea Buttefly Ocean December-February All Day
Sea Horse Tropical Ocean Any time
Clown Fish Tropical Ocean Any time
Surgeonfish Tropical Ocean Any time
Butterfly Fish Tropical Ocean Any time
Napoleonfish Tropical Ocean Any time
Zebra Turkeyfish Tropical Ocean Any time
Blow Fish Ocean November-February 9PM-4AM
Puffer Fish Tropical Ocean Any time
Horse Mackerel Tropical Ocean Any time
Barred Knifejaw Tropical Ocean Any time
Sea Bass Tropical Ocean Any time
Red Snapper Tropical Ocean Any time
Dab Ocean October-April All Day
Olive Flounder Tropical Ocean Any time
Squid Tropical Ocean Any time
Moray Eel Tropical Ocean Any time
Ribbon Eel Tropical Ocean Any time
Football Fish Ocean November-March 4PM-9AM
Tuna Ocean November-March All Day
Blue Marlin Tropical Ocean Any time
Giant Trevally Tropical Ocean Any time
Ray Tropical Ocean Any time
Ocean Sunfish Tropical Ocean Any time
Hammerhead Shark Tropical Ocean Any time
Shark Tropical Ocean Any time
Saw Shark Tropical Ocean Any time
Whale Shark Tropical Ocean Any time
Oarfish Ocean December-May All Day
Coelacanth Ocean (rain or snow) All Year 4PM-9AM
Seaweed Underwater November-July All Day
Sea Grapes Underwater June-September All Day
Sea Urchin Underwater June-August All Day
Acorn Barnacle Underwater Any time
Oyster Underwater September-February All Day
Turban Shell Underwater August-May 4PM-9AM
Abalone Underwater All Year 4PM-9AM
Ear Shell Underwater All Year 4PM-9AM
Clam Underwater September-April All Day
Pearl Oyster Underwater Any time
Scallop Underwater Any time
Sea Anemone Underwater Any time
Sea Star Underwater Any time
Sea Cucumber Underwater November-April All Day
Sea Slug Underwater Any time
Flatworm Underwater June-September 4PM-9AM
Mantis Shrimp Underwater All Year 4PM-9AM
Sweetshrimp Underwater September-February 4PM-9AM
Tiger Prawn Underwater June-September 4PM-9AM
Spiny Lobster Underwater September-December 9PM-4AM
Lobster Underwater Any time
Snow Crab Underwater November-April All Day
Hair Crab Underwater November-April All Day
Red King Crab Underwater November-March All Day
Giant Spider Crab Underwater March-April All Day
Octopus Underwater March-July All Day
Spotted Garden Eel Underwater (Tropical) Any time
Chambered Nautilus Underwater (Tropical) Any time
Horseshoe Crab Underwater July-September 9PM-4AM
Giant Isopod Underwater (Tropical) Any time


Remember to try looking around the tropical island for some of the rare beetles. It's a lot easier to find some spieces on Tortimer's island paradise than it is in your town.
Species Location Time
Common Buttefly Near flowers March-June 8AM-5PM
Yellow Butterfly Near flowers March-June 8AM-5PM
Tiger Butterfly Near red flowers March-August 8AM-5PM
Monarch Butterfly Near flowers September-November 8AM-5PM
Emperor Buttefly Near flowers June-September 7PM-8AM
Agrias Buttefly Near flowers June-September 8AM-5PM
Raja Brooke Butterfly Near river, pond May-September 8AM-5PM
Birdwing Butterfly Near flowers June-September 8AM-4PM
Moth Near lights May-August 7PM-4AM
Oak Silk Moth On trees June-September 7PM-4AM
Honeybee Near flowers March-July 8AM-4PM
Bee Shake trees Any time
Long Locust Grass May-November 8AM-7PM
Migratory Locust Grass August-November 8AM-7PM
Locust Grass April-November 8AM-7PM
Mantis Near flowers April-November 8AM-5PM
Orchid Mantis Near white flowers April-November 8AM-5PM
Brown Cicada On trees July-August 8AM-5PM
Robust Cicada On trees July-August 8AM-5PM
Giant Cicada On trees July-August 8AM-5PM
Walker Cicada On trees July-August 8AM-5PM
Evening Cicada On trees July-August 4AM-8AM, 4PM-7PM
Cicada Skin On trees July-August All Day
Lantern Fly On trees June-September 4PM-8AM
Red Dragonfly In the air September-October 8AM-7PM
Darner Dragonfly In the air June-August 8AM-5PM
Banded Dragonfly In the air July-August 8AM-5PM
Giant Petaltail In the air August-October 5PM-7PM
Ant On candy, spoiled turnips, rotten fruit Any time
Pondskater Near river, pond May-September 8AM-7PM
Diving Beetle Near river, pond May-September 8AM-5PM
Stinkbug On trees April-October All Day
Snail On Hibiscus Bushes April-September All Day
Cricket Grass September-November 5PM-8AM
Bell Cricket Grass September-October 5PM-8AM
Grasshopper Grass July-September 8AM-5PM
Mole Cricket Have to dig after hearing sound November-May All Day
Walking Leaf Grass July-September 8AM-5PM
Walking Stick On trees July-November 4AM-7PM
Bagworm Shake trees October-February All Day
Ladybug Near flowers March-October 8AM-5PM
Violin Beetle On tree stumps June-November 4AM-7PM
Longhorn Beetle On tree stumps July-August 11PM-7PM
Tiger Beetle Grass March-September 8AM-7PM
Dung Beetle Near snowballs December-February 5PM-8AM
Wharf Roach On beach Any time
Hermit Crab On tropical island beach Any time
Firefly Near river, pond June 7PM-4AM
Fruit Beetle On trees July-September All Day
Scarab Beetle On trees July-August 11PM-8AM
Jewel Beetle On trees July-August 8AM-5PM
Miyama Stag On trees July-August All Day
Saw Stag On trees July-August All Day
Giant Stag On trees July-August 11PM-8AM
Rainbow Stag On trees June-September 5PM-8AM
Cyclommatus Stag On palm trees July-August 5PM-8AM
Golden Stag On palm trees July-August 5PM-8AM
Horned Dynastid On trees July-August 5PM-8AM
Horned Atlas On palm trees June-August 5PM-8AM
Horned Elephant On palm trees July-August 5PM-8AM
Horned Hercules On palm trees July-August 5PM-8AM
Goliath Beetle On palm trees June-September 5PM-8AM
Flea On neighbors March-November All Day
Pillbug On rock September-June All Day
Mosquito In the air June-September 5PM-4AM
Fly On garbage or spoiled turnips Any time
House Centipede On rocks August-October 7PM-8AM
Centipede On rocks June-February 4PM-11PM
Spider Shake trees March-October All Day
Tarantula Grass June-August 7PM-4AM
Scorpion Grass July-September 7PM-4AM


You can find up to four fossils every day of the week and they're completely random. There's no way of skewing the results in your favor, so just keep digging and having Blathers assess.
Anykylosaurus Skull
Anykylosaurus Torso
Anykylosaurus Tail
Apatosaurus Skull
Apatosaurus Torso
Apatosaurus Tail
Archelon Skull
Archelon Torso
Dimetrodon Skull
Dimetrodon Torso
Dimetrodon Tail
Dinosaur Egg
Dinosaur Track
Diplodocus Skull
Diplodocus Neck
Diplodocus Chest
Diplodocus Hip
Diplodocus Tail
Fern Fossil
Ichthyosaur Skull
Ichthyosaur Torso
Iquanodon Skull
Iquanodon Chest
Iquanodon Tail
Mammoth Skull
Mammoth Torso
Megaceros Skull
Megaceros Torso
Megaceros Tail
Pachysaurus Skull
Pachysaurus Torso
Pachysaurus Tail
Parasaurus Skull
Parasaurus Torso
Parasaurus Tail
Peking Man
Pleiosaur Skull
Pleiosaur Neck
Pleiosaur Torso
Pteranodon Right Wing
Pteranodon Skull
Pteranodon Left Wing
Shark Tooth
Sabretooth Tiger Skull
Sabretooth Tiger Torso
Spinosaurus Skull
Spinosaurus Torso
Spinosaurus Tail
Stegosaurus Skull
Stegosaurus Torso
Stegosaurus Tail
Styracosaurus Skull
Styracosaurus Torso
Styracosaurus Tail
Triceratops Skull
Triceratops Torso
Triceratops Tail
Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull
Tyrannosaurus Rex Torso
Tyrannosaurus Rex Tail
Velociraptor Skull
Velociraptor Torso

Fine Art

Search for the paintings in Redd's gallery by asking about each item and then using the name to find them in the chart below. Some pieces don't have a fake, so once you've searched, jump on your prize!
In-Game Name Which is the fake?
Ancient Statue eyeballs with pupils
Animal Sculpture only one boy
Beautiful Sculpture long hair
Gallant Sculpture cloth over both soldiers
Mystic Statue round top
Robust Sculpture underside of disc looks like UFO
Valiant Sculpture bat wings
Amazing Painting white suit left, black suit right
Basic Painting both hands on hips
Calm Painting N/A
Common Painting N/A
Dynamic Painting Mt. Fuji under the wave
Famous Painting left hand on top
Fine Painting N/A
Flowery Painting N/A
Good Painting looking to the left
Jolly Painting carrot and green sprout
Moody Painting N/A
Moving Painting shell closed
Nice Painting N/A
Perfect Painting N/A
Proper Painting N/A
Quaint Painting no white bonnet
Scary Painting long index fingers
Scenic Painting N/A
Serene Painting cat instead of ferret
Solemn Painting standing up tall
Warm Painting N/A
Wild Painting white on right, black on left
Wistful Painting orange instead of blue bonnet
Worthy Painting N/A