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Animal Crossing: New Leaf List of Museum Artifacts – Fossils, Fish, Bugs, Art

Here are some lists of all the items accepted in the museum in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. If you want to complete the museum exhibits (and earn some rare items and tools in the process), you'll have to find each and every item for each exhibit and submit them to Blathers. Use the quick jump below to easily find the sections of the FAQ you're looking for.


Let's get to each list:


Here's a complete list of fish and undersea creatures for your encyclopedia and museum collection. Ponds are small bodies of water not connected to your river while lakes can be larger contained water, or areas where the river pools up. The times all refer to your in-game clock, so if you're time-traveling be sure to keep that in mind as your real-world and in-game timers may be different.


BitterlingRiverNovember-February All Day
Pale ChubRiverAll Year 9AM-4PM
Crucian CarpRiverAny time
DaceRiverAll Year 4PM-9AM
Barbel SteedRiverAny time
CarpRiverAny time
KoiRiverAll Year 4PM-9AM
GoldfishRiverAny time
Pop-eyed GoldfishRiverAll Year 9AM-4PM
KillifishPondApril-August All Day
CrawfishPondApril-September All Day
Soft-shelled TurtelRiverAugust-September 4PM-9AM
TadpolePondMarch-July All Day
FrogPondMay-August All Day
Freshwater GobyRiverAll Year 4PM-9AM
LoachRiverMarch-May All Day
CatfishLakeMay-October 4PM-9AM
EelRiverJune-September 4PM-9AM
Giant SnakeheadLakeJune-August 9AM-4PM
BluegillRiverAll Year 9AM-4PM
Yellow PerchRiverOctober-March All Day
Black BassRiverAny time
PikeRiverSeptember-December 4AM-9PM
Pond SmeltRiverDecember-February All Day
SweetfishRiverJuly-September All Day
Cherry SalmonRiverMarch-October 4AM-9PM
CharWaterfallMarch-June September-November 4AM-9PM
Rainbow TroutRiverMarch-October 4AM-9PM
StringfishRiverDecember-February 4PM-9AM
SalmonRiver openingSeptember All Day
King SalmonRiver openingSeptember All Day
Shanghai CrabRiverSeptember-November 4PM-9AM
GuppyRiverApril-November 9AM-4PM
Nibble FishRiverMay-September 9AM-4PM
AngelfishRiverMay-October 4PM-9AM
Neon TetraRiverApril-November 9AM-4PM
PiranhaRiverJune-September 9AM-4PM, 9PM-4AM
ArowanaRiverJune-September 4PM-9AM
DoradoRiverJune-September 4AM-9PM
GarLakeJune-September 4PM-9AM
ArapaimaRiverJuly-September 4PM-9AM
Saddled BirchirRiverJune-September 9PM-4AM
Sea ButteflyOceanDecember-February All Day
Sea HorseTropical OceanAny time
Clown FishTropical OceanAny time
SurgeonfishTropical OceanAny time
Butterfly FishTropical OceanAny time
NapoleonfishTropical OceanAny time
Zebra TurkeyfishTropical OceanAny time
Blow FishOceanNovember-February 9PM-4AM
Puffer FishTropical OceanAny time
Horse MackerelTropical OceanAny time
Barred KnifejawTropical OceanAny time
Sea BassTropical OceanAny time
Red SnapperTropical OceanAny time
DabOceanOctober-April All Day
Olive FlounderTropical OceanAny time
SquidTropical OceanAny time
Moray EelTropical OceanAny time
Ribbon EelTropical OceanAny time
Football FishOceanNovember-March 4PM-9AM
TunaOceanNovember-March All Day
Blue MarlinTropical OceanAny time
Giant TrevallyTropical OceanAny time
RayTropical OceanAny time
Ocean SunfishTropical OceanAny time
Hammerhead SharkTropical OceanAny time
SharkTropical OceanAny time
Saw SharkTropical OceanAny time
Whale SharkTropical OceanAny time
OarfishOceanDecember-May All Day
CoelacanthOcean (rain or snow)All Year 4PM-9AM
SeaweedUnderwaterNovember-July All Day
Sea GrapesUnderwaterJune-September All Day
Sea UrchinUnderwaterJune-August All Day
Acorn BarnacleUnderwaterAny time
OysterUnderwaterSeptember-February All Day
Turban ShellUnderwaterAugust-May 4PM-9AM
AbaloneUnderwaterAll Year 4PM-9AM
Ear ShellUnderwaterAll Year 4PM-9AM
ClamUnderwaterSeptember-April All Day
Pearl OysterUnderwaterAny time
ScallopUnderwaterAny time
Sea AnemoneUnderwaterAny time
Sea StarUnderwaterAny time
Sea CucumberUnderwaterNovember-April All Day
Sea SlugUnderwaterAny time
FlatwormUnderwaterJune-September 4PM-9AM
Mantis ShrimpUnderwaterAll Year 4PM-9AM
SweetshrimpUnderwaterSeptember-February 4PM-9AM
Tiger PrawnUnderwaterJune-September 4PM-9AM
Spiny LobsterUnderwaterSeptember-December 9PM-4AM
LobsterUnderwaterAny time
Snow CrabUnderwaterNovember-April All Day
Hair CrabUnderwaterNovember-April All Day
Red King CrabUnderwaterNovember-March All Day
Giant Spider CrabUnderwaterMarch-April All Day
OctopusUnderwaterMarch-July All Day
Spotted Garden EelUnderwater (Tropical)Any time
Chambered NautilusUnderwater (Tropical)Any time
Horseshoe CrabUnderwaterJuly-September 9PM-4AM
Giant IsopodUnderwater (Tropical)Any time


Remember to try looking around the tropical island for some of the rare beetles. It's a lot easier to find some spieces on Tortimer's island paradise than it is in your town.


Common ButteflyNear flowersMarch-June 8AM-5PM
Yellow ButterflyNear flowersMarch-June 8AM-5PM
Tiger ButterflyNear red flowersMarch-August 8AM-5PM
Monarch ButterflyNear flowersSeptember-November 8AM-5PM
Emperor ButteflyNear flowersJune-September 7PM-8AM
Agrias ButteflyNear flowersJune-September 8AM-5PM
Raja Brooke ButterflyNear river, pondMay-September 8AM-5PM
Birdwing ButterflyNear flowersJune-September 8AM-4PM
MothNear lightsMay-August 7PM-4AM
Oak Silk MothOn treesJune-September 7PM-4AM
HoneybeeNear flowersMarch-July 8AM-4PM
BeeShake treesAny time
Long LocustGrassMay-November 8AM-7PM
Migratory LocustGrassAugust-November 8AM-7PM
LocustGrassApril-November 8AM-7PM
MantisNear flowersApril-November 8AM-5PM
Orchid MantisNear white flowersApril-November 8AM-5PM
Brown CicadaOn treesJuly-August 8AM-5PM
Robust CicadaOn treesJuly-August 8AM-5PM
Giant CicadaOn treesJuly-August 8AM-5PM
Walker CicadaOn treesJuly-August 8AM-5PM
Evening CicadaOn treesJuly-August 4AM-8AM, 4PM-7PM
Cicada SkinOn treesJuly-August All Day
Lantern FlyOn treesJune-September 4PM-8AM
Red DragonflyIn the airSeptember-October 8AM-7PM
Darner DragonflyIn the airJune-August 8AM-5PM
Banded DragonflyIn the airJuly-August 8AM-5PM
Giant PetaltailIn the airAugust-October 5PM-7PM
AntOn candy, spoiled turnips, rotten fruitAny time
PondskaterNear river, pondMay-September 8AM-7PM
Diving BeetleNear river, pondMay-September 8AM-5PM
StinkbugOn treesApril-October All Day
SnailOn Hibiscus BushesApril-September All Day
CricketGrassSeptember-November 5PM-8AM
Bell CricketGrassSeptember-October 5PM-8AM
GrasshopperGrassJuly-September 8AM-5PM
Mole CricketHave to dig after hearing soundNovember-May All Day
Walking LeafGrassJuly-September 8AM-5PM
Walking StickOn treesJuly-November 4AM-7PM
BagwormShake treesOctober-February All Day
LadybugNear flowersMarch-October 8AM-5PM
Violin BeetleOn tree stumpsJune-November 4AM-7PM
Longhorn BeetleOn tree stumpsJuly-August 11PM-7PM
Tiger BeetleGrassMarch-September 8AM-7PM
Dung BeetleNear snowballsDecember-February 5PM-8AM
Wharf RoachOn beachAny time
Hermit CrabOn tropical island beachAny time
FireflyNear river, pondJune 7PM-4AM
Fruit BeetleOn treesJuly-September All Day
Scarab BeetleOn treesJuly-August 11PM-8AM
Jewel BeetleOn treesJuly-August 8AM-5PM
Miyama StagOn treesJuly-August All Day
Saw StagOn treesJuly-August All Day
Giant StagOn treesJuly-August 11PM-8AM
Rainbow StagOn treesJune-September 5PM-8AM
Cyclommatus StagOn palm treesJuly-August 5PM-8AM
Golden StagOn palm treesJuly-August 5PM-8AM
Horned DynastidOn treesJuly-August 5PM-8AM
Horned AtlasOn palm treesJune-August 5PM-8AM
Horned ElephantOn palm treesJuly-August 5PM-8AM
Horned HerculesOn palm treesJuly-August 5PM-8AM
Goliath BeetleOn palm treesJune-September 5PM-8AM
FleaOn neighborsMarch-November All Day
PillbugOn rockSeptember-June All Day
MosquitoIn the airJune-September 5PM-4AM
FlyOn garbage or spoiled turnipsAny time
House CentipedeOn rocksAugust-October 7PM-8AM
CentipedeOn rocksJune-February 4PM-11PM
SpiderShake treesMarch-October All Day
TarantulaGrassJune-August 7PM-4AM
ScorpionGrassJuly-September 7PM-4AM


You can find up to four fossils every day of the week and they're completely random. There's no way of skewing the results in your favor, so just keep digging and having Blathers assess.


Anykylosaurus Skull
Anykylosaurus Torso
Anykylosaurus Tail
Apatosaurus Skull
Apatosaurus Torso
Apatosaurus Tail
Archelon Skull
Archelon Torso
Dimetrodon Skull
Dimetrodon Torso
Dimetrodon Tail
Dinosaur Egg
Dinosaur Track
Diplodocus Skull
Diplodocus Neck
Diplodocus Chest
Diplodocus Hip
Diplodocus Tail
Fern Fossil
Ichthyosaur Skull
Ichthyosaur Torso
Iquanodon Skull
Iquanodon Chest
Iquanodon Tail
Mammoth Skull
Mammoth Torso
Megaceros Skull
Megaceros Torso
Megaceros Tail
Pachysaurus Skull
Pachysaurus Torso
Pachysaurus Tail
Parasaurus Skull
Parasaurus Torso
Parasaurus Tail
Peking Man
Pleiosaur Skull
Pleiosaur Neck
Pleiosaur Torso
Pteranodon Right Wing
Pteranodon Skull
Pteranodon Left Wing
Shark Tooth
Sabretooth Tiger Skull
Sabretooth Tiger Torso
Spinosaurus Skull
Spinosaurus Torso
Spinosaurus Tail
Stegosaurus Skull
Stegosaurus Torso
Stegosaurus Tail
Styracosaurus Skull
Styracosaurus Torso
Styracosaurus Tail
Triceratops Skull
Triceratops Torso
Triceratops Tail
Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull
Tyrannosaurus Rex Torso
Tyrannosaurus Rex Tail
Velociraptor Skull
Velociraptor Torso

Fine Art

Search for the paintings in Redd's gallery by asking about each item and then using the name to find them in the chart below. Some pieces don't have a fake, so once you've searched, jump on your prize!


In-Game NameWhich is the fake?
Ancient Statueeyeballs with pupils
Animal Sculptureonly one boy
Beautiful Sculpturelong hair
Gallant Sculpturecloth over both soldiers
Mystic Statueround top
Robust Sculptureunderside of disc looks like UFO
Valiant Sculpturebat wings
Amazing Paintingwhite suit left, black suit right
Basic Paintingboth hands on hips
Calm PaintingN/A
Common PaintingN/A
Dynamic PaintingMt. Fuji under the wave
Famous Paintingleft hand on top
Fine PaintingN/A
Flowery PaintingN/A
Good Paintinglooking to the left
Jolly Paintingcarrot and green sprout
Moody PaintingN/A
Moving Paintingshell closed
Nice PaintingN/A
Perfect PaintingN/A
Proper PaintingN/A
Quaint Paintingno white bonnet
Scary Paintinglong index fingers
Scenic PaintingN/A
Serene Paintingcat instead of ferret
Solemn Paintingstanding up tall
Warm PaintingN/A
Wild Paintingwhite on right, black on left
Wistful Paintingorange instead of blue bonnet
Worthy PaintingN/A