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Destiny 2 Imperial Invitation | Legend of Acrius exotic quest guide

Since Destiny 2 launched, players have been receiving the mysterious Imperial Invitation item and wondering what this exotic quest might yield. In the pre-Shadowkeep days, players wouldn’t find the item in their inventories until after beating the main campaign, But Destiny 2: New Light has removed that requirement, instead letting it drop at any time. In this Destiny 2 Imperial Invitation guide, we’ll cover how to get the Legend of Acrius exotic shotgun.

Destiny 2 | Imperial Invitation quest steps

The Imperial Invitation is a random drop from Cabal enemies. Its yellow color in the quests tab teases players with the promise of a powerful exotic reward, but there’s quite a bit of work needed to get to that reward.

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Step 1: On the Comms

This part is simple: Just kill Cabal on Nessus until you collect five communication ciphers, which drop randomly from the enemies on death. An easy way to do this is to farm Cabal Extraction public events. One of these happens fairly often in the Artifact’s Edge area, straight ahead of the spawn point.

Step 2: Destroyer of Worlds

Destiny 2 imperial invitation

Sadly, this step is much more involved. You’ll have to complete the Leviathan raid, which means you’ll need to find five other players to take on the challenge. If you don’t have any friends that play Destiny 2 or just don’t have enough that do, you have a few options for finding a raid team:

  • Use the in-game Guided Games feature, which allows you and/or you and one friend to join a team of more experienced Guardians for a raid run.
  • Post in the Destiny fireteams Reddit or another LFG (looking for group) site/forum, where players can look for groups.
  • Join a Destiny 2 Discord server, like the DestinyTheGame subreddit Discord, and look for groups there.

Step 3: Imperial Invitation/The Arms Dealer

Speak to Benedict 99-40, in the West part of the Tower. He’ll send you to complete The Arms Dealer strike. You can launch this strike directly through the EDZ map. The quest sends you on a special, timed version of the strike, so you’ll have to be quick about it. There are white, glowing cubes hidden throughout the strike that increase your time limit when destroyed, so be sure to shoot those when you see them.

After completing step three, you’ll be rewarded with the Legend of Acrius, an Arc shotgun in the Power weapon slot. This version of the Acrius isn’t it’s final form, however, so you have a few more things to do.

Step 4: Cabal Killer

Speak to Benedict 99-40 again, and he’ll send you to go kill a bunch of Cabal with the Legend of Acrius. You’ll have to kill 25, generally, kill 15 at close range, and kill multiple Cabal without reloading, 10 times. The un-upgraded gun only has one shot in the magazine, so that last step might seem impossible, but The Legend of Acrius’ powerful shots go through multiple targets. Line up a couple Cabal and fire, and you should be done in no time.

Step 5: His Highness’ Seal

Destiny 2 leviathan raid

Your final step to getting the true version of the Legend of Acrius will send you back into the raid at least twice. You’ll have to collect 100 Emperor’s Seals, rewarded for completing encounters and beating bosses in the Leviathan raid. Each type of encounter awards different numbers of tokens, so just know you’ll need to complete the raid once and get most of the way through it a second time.

When you’re done, return to Benedict 99-40, and he’ll give you the full version of the Legend of Acrius. The upgraded version gets an extra shot per magazine, an extended radar, and a few other cool perks.