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Can I Change Controls in WWE 2K20?

You might be wondering if there’s a WWE 2K20 change controls option in the, well, options menu of the wrestling game. Not everyone is comfortable with the default controller layout for some games so having the option to tweak them is always preferable. If you’re pondering the question “Can I change controls in WWE 2K20?” then you’ve come to the right place. Our WWE 2K20 change controls guide will give you all of the answers you need about switching up your controller’s layout.

WWE 2K20 Change Controls | Is it possible?

WWE 2K20 Change Controls

As we mentioned above, pretty much every game these days gives you the option to change your controller layout. The default settings are used by a fair few gamers, but there are some of you that prefer other layouts.

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If you were hoping that WWE 2K20 follows suit, we’re sorry to report that this isn’t a feature in the game. Bizarrely, 2K Games’ latest wrestling title doesn’t have an option to change your controls. If you head to the “Options” menu from the title screen you’ll notice that this feature isn’t available.

It’s baffling that 2K and Visual Concepts haven’t included an option to tweak your controller layout in the game. There are gamers with disabilities, or those who prefer other layouts like Green Thumb, Mirror, or others, for who the default settings won’t be ideal.

WWE 2K20 Change Controls

Without the option to change how you control your characters, some players will find it very difficult to play WWE 2K20. Some may even be put off by the lack of options available too. G

There’s always the chance that 2K could patch through these options in a future update especially if there’s enough uproar over it. For now, however, you’ll have to make do with only one controller layout.