Is there Modern Warfare PC Campaign Offline Mode?

Playing the Modern Warfare PC Campaign Offline is something that many players were looking forward to. However, the lack of official info and the recurrent trend of always-online single-player campaigns didn’t give much hope to the community. If you are thinking about living the exciting and emotional tale of freedom fighters and special soldiers without an internet connection, you should know that there is a chance that might not be possible.

Modern Warfare PC Campaign Offline | Can I play the single-player campaign offline?

Modern Warfare PC Campaign Offline Kyle Garrick

Trying to play the Modern Warfare PC Campaign Offline won’t yield any results. You must be connected to Activision’s in order to access the servers and play the game. This is an issue that happens with many other single-player games and usually causes quite a player uproar, so it’s unknown why most developers insist on players remaining connected for a mere offline experience. While a few studios end up reverting their decisions through future patches, most of them ignore the players’ pleas.

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Playing Modern Warfare and other single-player campaigns offline isn’t a question that arises from players not having an internet connection. The issue lies within other aspects, such as the servers being down, averting players from accessing and enjoying the game. Reddit user Galifrae makes a valid case of it, expressing his point of view and comparing it to what happens with Modern Warfare on consoles.

Contrary to what happens on the PC version, the Modern Warfare PS4 and Xbox One campaign can be played without being online, further frustrating many PC players who were hoping that a similar system was used for their platform. Modern Warfare console players have the option to play offline, which means that they are safe from any unexpected or scheduled server downtimes.

The Modern Warfare campaign can be beat in one sitting if you pour your heart into it, but that still doesn’t excuse the fact that PC players must always be online to enjoy it.

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