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What are COD Points used for in Modern Warfare?

If you’re bought the Operator Enhanced Edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, or you’ve purchased COD Points in previous titles which then carry over, then you may now be wondering “What are COD Points used for in Modern Warfare?” You’ve got a nice stack of CP to spend, but it isn’t clear what exactly players can buy. Here’s what you need to know about COD Points for the latest Call of Duty game.

What can you buy with COD Points in Modern Warfare?

What are COD Points used for in Modern Warfare

At the time of writing, which is launch weekend, there isn’t yet anything to buy with COD Points. However, developer Infinity Ward has confirmed that a Battle Pass system, as well as an in-game store, will be introduced “later this year.” Once the Battle Pass and in-game store are implemented, you’ll finally be able to spend those COD Points.

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While Infinity Ward has been a little vague about what exactly will be featured in the store, it has confirmed that paid-for content will “not impact game balance.” So while your real-world cash turned into COD Points may be able to give you a cool-looking skin, they shouldn’t be able to buy you power.

Don’t be expecting OP weapons to be hidden behind a paywall, as “all functional content that has an impact on game balance, such as base weapons and attachments, can be unlocked simply by playing the game.”

COD Points won’t be used to purchase loot boxes either, as Infinity Ward has promised that there will be no random loot drops in the game.

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