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Modern Warfare Status Savannah error code fix

There’s nothing worse than hitting barriers when trying to play a game online, and the Modern Warfare status Savannah error has been causing Call of Duty players problems since launch. In this instance, however, you’re in luck: It appears as though a fix for this Modern Warfare (2019) problem has already been found and we’re here to share it with you.

How to fix status Savannah in Modern Warfare 2019?

Modern Warfare Status Savanna
When attempting to join a game session in Activision and Infinity Ward’s latest FPS, some players have been encountering the following message:
Unable to join game session
status: SAVANNAH”
This issue occurs when players try to join a lobby, where instead of successfully loading in they receive the above error message. Thankfully, there’s a simple documented fix that many have found success with.
The Savannah error can reportedly occur when two interacting players have conflicting versions of the game installed. If you or the owner of the lobby in question is running an outdated version of the title, this mismatch will cause Modern Warfare to throw up a Savannah error message.
Here’s how this occurs and what you can do about it:
  • People wouldn’t be able to access multiplayer without a major patch installed, so don’t worry about checking your game version
  • The issue stems from hotfixes that are pushed out with players remaining in-game
  • There have been two or three hotfixes so far and until a user quits and re-enters the multiplayer suite these micropatches won’t be applied
  • To ensure you have the latest hotfix version, simply reboot the game
  • After getting back in you should stop encountering Savannah errors, unless the person you’re joining is still running the old version

If a hotfix has just gone out it’s possible that you’ll need to wait a while so that the current crop of players naturally tapers off, then gets replaced by new logins with the latest micropatch installed.

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