Modern Warfare Crossplay Symbols | What do they all mean?

If you’ve left the default crossplay option enabled in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer options menu, you’ll no doubt be seeing a variety of symbols next to players’ Activision account names. If you’re stumped as to what any of these mean, here’s a full rundown of the Modern Warfare crossplay symbols and what they’re attempting to communicate.

What do the symbols next to player names in Modern Warfare mean?

Modern Warfare crossplay symbols

As aforementioned, these symbols are linked to Modern Warfare 2019’s crossplay system. This means that players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One can be pitted against one another or put on the same team. This can be disabled if so desired, but if left enabled the folks at Infinity Ward and Activision have been kind enough to indicate how people are playing Modern Warfare.

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If someone’s dominating the match and you see that they’re playing on PC with a keyboard and mouse, while the rest of the lobby are on consoles, for example, you can feel a little bit better about your performance. It is worth noting, however, due to the weighting of matchmaking that players using controllers (even on PC) are unlikely to meet those with a mouse and keyboard setup.

But how exactly can you tell? Here’s an explanation of the crossplay symbols, all of which are viewable in this article’s featured image:

  • PlayStation logo and controller symbol — These users are playing on a PS4 or PS4 Pro using a supported controller
  • Xbox logo and controller symbol — Users with this by their name are playing on Xbox One or Xbox One X using a supported controller
  • Blizzard logo and mouse symbol — These PC players are utilizing a mouse and keyboard to play Modern Warfare
  • Blizzard logo and controller symbol — This denotes PC players that are using a compatible controller to play

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