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Modern Warfare Time to Kill | Is TTK too fast?

As with many competitive online shooters, time to kill (or TTK) is proving to be a divisive topic in Infinity Ward and Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reboot. This essentially refers to how long it takes to kill a player after setting your sights on them, and historically, TTK in Call of Duty games has been lower than in the likes of its closest competitor Battlefield. Despite this, many feel that Modern Warfare time to kill has taken things too far, but is there any truth to that theory?

Is time to kill faster in Modern Warfare 2019?

Modern Warfare time to kill

While some players are dismissing claims of faster TTK in Modern Warfare, there is evidence to back up the other camp’s feelings that changes have been made. In a Game Informer interview published this past August 30th, Infinity Ward multiplayer design director Joe Cecot made an indirect reference to TTK in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019).

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Cecot stated: “Our weapons are a bit more lethal than they were in the most recent Black Ops.” Elaborating, he says that this is in aid of “helping lower-skilled players get a kill” and, ultimately, becoming more invested in the game’s multiplayer ecosystem as a result. Weapons being a “bit more lethal” confirms that players will die more quickly and Modern Warfare time to kill is, in fact, faster than previous Call of Duty installment Black Ops 4.

Lots of players believe that this lowers Modern Warfare‘s overall skill ceiling, disallowing those that come under fire from being able to react to the situation before succumbing to death. It’s also considered that it may contribute to the game’s documented camping problems.

Still, there are two sides to every argument and a few are of the belief that lower reaction times actually encourage more considered and skillful play. Either way, Joe Cecot’s comments serve to confirm the suspicions of many that time to kill is faster in Modern Warfare.

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