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Modern Warfare Dark Matter | How to unlock Diamond Camouflage

Weapon camouflage is always your best bet to let other players know just how good you are in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Is there a Modern Warfare Dark Matter Camo, though? Read through this guide and we’ll let you know if there is a Dark Matter Camo in Modern Warfare and how to unlock Diamond Camouflage. Just to warn you, however, unlocking the ultimate Camo won’t be easy.

Modern Warfare Dark Matter | How to unlock Diamond Camouflage

Modern Warfare Dark Matter

Unfortunately, there is currently no such thing as either Modern Warfare Dark Matter or Modern Warfare Diamond Camouflage. Neither of these Weapon skins exists in the game. It’s not all doom and gloom, however, as there are equivalent Weapon Camos for both of those sought after skins. Unlike in Infinity Ward’s last CoD, Infinite Warfare, there isn’t a Modern Warfare Black Sky skin, either. What we have instead is the Modern Warfare Damascus and Modern Warfare Platinum Camouflage.

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The Damascus Weapon skin is the Modern Warfare ultimate Camouflage, taking the place of Dark Matter. Thankfully, we’ve got an entire guide on how to unlock the Damascus Camo in Modern Warfare. Please check that guide out if you wish to discover how to unlock it. Just know that before you can unlock the ultimate Damascus skin, you will need to unlock the Platinum Camouflage.

How to unlock the Modern Warfare Platinum Camouflage

As stated above, there is no Diamond Camouflage in Modern Warfare. Instead, what we have is the Platinum Camouflage. You will need to unlock the Platinum Camouflage for every gun in order to unlock the Damascus Camo. Unfortunately, unlocking the Platinum Camouflage won’t be easy. It will take a long time, anyway, as the following steps show:

  • Unlock every available Camo for any gun by completing its Camo challenges in order to unlock Gold Camo
  • Unlock Gold Camo for every single weapon in any given class to unlock Platinum Camouflage for that weapon class

We did warn you that it will take some time. Time to get to work, we guess.

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