Players say Modern Warfare’s loud footsteps and callouts are ruining the game

The Modern Warfare footsteps issue is infuriating the community to a point where many players are saying that footsteps ruin the game. The sound is deemed as way too loud, even when the players are crouching, making it hard to play strategically during a match.

Callouts are also drawing ire, as these allegedly inoffensive and immersive alerts are shattering many players’ intentions. There is nothing worse than sneaking up on an enemy only to have your character suddenly yell something out of the blue, alerting him and everyone in the proximity to your intentions. The overall outcome of both features? Your demise.

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The problem of footsteps in Modern Warfare is further accentuated by the fact that your character even makes sounds while crouching, something that puts a stop to any thoughts of using stealth and careful tactical planning as an approach. Reddit users are saying that soldiers are walking around wearing lead boots, or that they are tap dancing their way through the battlefield.

While Infinity Ward has already stated that it is looking into the Modern Warfare loud footsteps issue, the community isn’t holding back when it comes to criticizing the developer for overlooking both this and the callouts. Many players are even attributing the severe case of camping that the game is going through to these design decisions, as some players on the above thread are stating: “They really want us to camp”, one user said.

Modern Warfare footsteps callouts

Players are reporting that the loud footsteps problem is now one of their main concerns, with skill-based matchmaking still coming out on top. It’s hard to say if this is an accurate depiction of the current Modern Warfare situation, but it’s impossible to deny that there are a lot of complaints about these topics.

With the rumors that point to a Modern Warfare overhaul and the mini-map returning to normal, Infinity Ward surely has a lot of work on its hands to finally deliver the game that the community is hoping for—preferably one with less noise.