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Modern Warfare Gun Game | Will it be added?

Call of Duty has been a dominant figure in the competitive multiplayer scene for years now, introducing players to a ton of unique game types that have often then been adopted by other video games and franchises. Perhaps one of the biggest is Gun Game, though it’s conspicuously absent from Infinity Ward and Activision’s 2019 Modern Warfare reboot. Naturally, this has many wondering if a Modern Warfare Gun Game mode will ever be patched in. Here’s what we know on the topic so far.

Is Gun Game coming to Modern Warfare?

Modern Warfare Gun Game

Gun Game is a true test of player skill, requiring proficiency with around 20 different weapons in order to claim victory. It’s a free-for-all (FFA) game type where consecutive kills graduate players to the next weapon type until they’ve eventually completed a full rotation. Having appeared in many previous Call of Duty games, it’s become a firm fan favorite owing to the inherent fun of its slightly bizarre concept.

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Now that fans can play Gun Game equivalents in titles like Gears of War, not getting their fix in Modern Warfare might be a disappointment for many. There is hope for the future, however. Following Infinity Ward’s release of the version 1.06 update, data miners have found evidence in the game’s code that points towards a possible Modern Warfare Gun Game addition at some point in the future.

“gametype_gun” has been found lurking in the Modern Warfare 2019 game files by Reddit user Senescallo, alongside this familiar description: “Be the first player to score a kill with each one of the provided weapons.” Obviously this isn’t an official announcement for the multiplayer mode — which may not actually end up featuring in the title — but it does seem to indicate that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developers are at least toying with the idea of adding Gun Game.

We’ll keep you posted on any official announcements, so stick with GameRevolution.

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