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Modern Warfare One in the Chamber | Will it be added?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) is missing a lot of popular multiplayer game types at the moment, and one of the biggest is One in the Chamber. This tense free-for-all (FFA) mode demands a high level of precision alongside a tuned killer instinct, which would make it a perfect addition to the game’s competitive multiplayer suite. Keeping that in mind, will developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision ever add a Modern Warfare One in the Chamber mode? Here’s everything we know about the potential addition.

Is Modern Warfare getting One in the Chamber mode?

Modern Warfare One in the Chamber

All players conventionally start a One in the Chamber match equipped with just an M1911 pistol, a single bullet, and a knife. Landing a shot anywhere on an enemy’s body grants a guaranteed kill, as well as an additional bullet back. Missing means that players are restricted to melee combat through the use of their knife. Players have just three lives, and when it comes down to the final two combatants their positions are revealed in order to prevent stalemates as a result of camping.

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It’s a pulse-pounding mode that’s also a lot of fun, so many people are naturally hoping to see One in the Chamber added to Modern Warfare at some point in the future. Lucky for them, there’s evidence to suggest that might happen.

Following the Modern Warfare 1.06 update, dataminer Senescallo on Reddit found game code pointing towards several different multiplayer modes that aren’t currently playable. These include One in the Chamber, which appears as “gametype_oic” with this accompanying description: “Gain Ammo by eliminating enemies. Highest score wins.”

Infinity Ward might be planning to put a slightly new spin on things with a score-based take, though do keep in mind that appearing in the game code is by no means an official confirmation of One in the Chamber coming to Modern Warfare. It may never end up in the game, though it can’t hurt to hope in the meantime.

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