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Is there a Modern Warfare camping problem fix?

Lots of players called for Infinity Ward and Activision to address reported camping problems in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 when it released in October. Since then, the developers confirmed that they were looking into possible fixes to implemented via future updates. Version 1.06 of the game is out now, so is there a Modern Warfare camping problem fix courtesy of this latest patch? Here’s what you need to know.

How to deal with the Modern Warfare camping problem

Modern Warfare camping problem fix

The camping problem is a complex one, which has largely been attributed to there being more sightlines and a faster time to kill (TTK) in Modern Warfare 2019 than in the previous Call of Duty titles. There isn’t much that players can actively do about this, other than report relevant feedback to Infinity Ward and Activision in an effort to steer the direction of future updates, but with a slight tweak to your approach and loadout you may now be able to beat campers in a fight.

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As of patch 1.06, claymores are now affected by stun grenades. They’re disabled for three seconds whenever hit by the blast radius, so by adding them to your arsenal, you’ll have the upper hand on campers that rely on claymores to cover their otherwise exposed backs. If you can also catch and stun the camper in the blast, all of your problems can potentially be solved in one fell swoop.

Additionally, footstep noise was addressed in 1.06. Most players felt that it was too easy to hear enemies approaching with a decent pair of headphones, giving immobile campers an added advantage in terms of awareness. Enemy footstep noise has now been reduced, however, meaning that it should be easier to creep up on unassuming campers and put an end to their irritating ways.

With the new 1.06 patch targeting campers, it’s very possible that future updates will continue to do so should the above changes not adequately address the Modern Warfare camping problem.

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