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How to get a vehicle in Death Stranding

When you’re first introduced to Sam, he’s riding an awesome bike. Sadly, that bike is destroyed before the player is able to get their hands on it. Thankfully, how to get a vehicle in Death Stranding is actually very simple, and doesn’t require that much time. If you’re sick of walking and would much prefer to cruise along on a Death Stranding bike, then read on for everything you need to know.

How to get a bike in Death Stranding

How to get a vehicle in Death Stranding

The bike is the first Death Stranding vehicle that becomes available to players. This is actually a great first ride, as rather than starting you off with a super slow scooter or something, the developers actually provide you with the means to travel quickly and with a decent bit of additional storage. The Reverse Trike continues to be useful for the entirety of the game, so take the time to master it, as it has both strengths and weaknesses.

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To unlock the bike in Death Stranding, you’re going to need to repair it. When you first spot it outside of the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City it won’t have any juice, with its batteries requiring a charge. Progress through the story missions until you’re able to construct a Generator. Simply use a PCC to place a Generator next to the bike and give it some charge. Now you’ve got your very own vehicle. Take it out for a test drive and enjoy the speed it provides over walking.

How to get a truck in Death Stranding

Trucks become available shortly after you acquire the bike. Suitable for flatter terrain, especially in areas where a road has been constructed, trucks allow for more packages to be carried over longer distances. Continue through the story missions and you’ll soon find trucks unlocked and available for fabrication.

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