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Red Dead Redemption 2 PC freezing fix | Process Lasso

The Red Dead Redemption 2 PC launch has been one full of glitches and bugs, so much so that PC gamers are review-bombing the port for its poor performance. Players have run into game-breaking issues, like the “Rockstar game launcher exited unexpectedly” error and crashes on startup, as well as more minor but consistently annoying issues, like framerate drops. Many players have experienced an issue where the game completely freezes up for seconds at a time, only to go back to functioning normally. To solve this, we’ll reveal a possible Red Dead Redemption 2 PC freezing fix discovered by the community, which involves a program called Process Lasso.

How to fix Red Dead Redemption 2 PC freezing issues with Process Lasso

How to fix Red Dead Redemption 2 PC freezing issues with Process Lasso

Reddit user serhangelgor first posted about this fix, saying it’s a reliable way to completely remove freezes until Rockstar patches the game. Initially, serhangelgor recommended right clicking on the RDR2.exe file, selecting “Set Affinity,” and then deselecting two of the CPU processing cores in use. This cut freezing, but apparently led to a loss in FPS. To fix this loss, serhangelgor recommended Process Lasso.

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Process Lasso is a program that dynamically adjusts process priorities among the CPU cores, ensuring a computer won’t freeze when particular processes become too demanding. According to serhangelgor, allowing Process Lasso to dynamically control Red Dead Redemption 2’s demand on the CPU cores removed freezing without FPS loss. Many commenters on serhangelgor’s post report the fix worked for them, too. User juicysmolyay (who appears to have originally suggested Process Lasso to serhangelgor before they edited their post to include it) gave particular settings recommendations that others say worked perfectly.

  • In Process Lasso, select RDR2.exe and go to CPU Limiter in the pop-up menu.
  • Under “New CPU Limit Rule,” enter the following values:
    • For “When CPU use is,” enter 98.
    • Leave the first “For a period of” blank.
    • For “Reduce by this many CPU cores,” enter 1.
    • For the second “For a period of,” enter 1.
  • Select “Add Rule,” then hit “OK.”

You can download Process Lasso from the Bitsum website. (Note: Process Lasso is a third-party program that makes changes to the way your computer functions, so use it at your own risk.)