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No Man’s Sky 2.16 Update Patch Notes

A week after the release of the previous patch, Hello Games has dropped the new No Man’s Sky 2.16 update for its once-controversial but now treasured space exploration game. This guide will give you a rundown on what the indie studio has changed for its game, and the fixes are now live on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, after being released first on Steam.

 No Man’s Sky 2.16 Update | Highlights

No Man’s Sky 2.16 Update Beyond Patch

While the previous patch introduced a series of story-based missions, the No Man’s Sky 2.16 update isn’t so much about new content. Instead, it is focused on solving some pressing issues that could be impeding the enjoyment of some players.

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For example, editing the terrain inside bases that you shouldn’t have the rights to alter is something that has been fixed. Now you can’t make any changes inside those bases or within a couple of kilometers from a featured base. Another change concerns the automatic download of small bases created on planets with a featured base to all players, which will now be prevented from happening.

Weekend missions were introduced with the No Man’s Sky 2.15 update, but occasionally some of these assignments could show up as encrypted and your rewards would be lost; this was fixed as well. Hello Games also mentions the fix of a rare crash in the interaction system, so if you were the recipient of this bug, this is great news for you. Placing Communications Stations outside of bases is an action that would sometimes fail due to a bug, but that issue is now sorted out.

With the release of the Next update in July 2018, Hello Games finally delivered on the promises of a sprawling space epic where you could go anywhere and explore unknown planets with your friends. The multiplayer experience drastically changed the fortune of the game, fulfilling the promises after a lackluster and disappointing launch. The Beyond patch further improved the game, adding VR support.

You can read the full No Man’s Sky 2.16 Update patch notes below.

No Man’s Sky 2.16 Update | Full Patch Notes

  • Prevented terrain edits from being made inside any bases that you do not have permission to edit, or within 2km of a featured base.
  • Small bases made on planets with a featured base are no longer automatically downloaded to all players
  • Reduced the display radius for base computer markers made by players visiting planets with featured bases.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Communications Stations from being placed outside of bases.
  • Restored Communication Stations and Message modules to the construction research station on the Space Anomaly.
  • Fixed an issue that could send players to a planet with no Knowledge Stones when locating Portal glyphs for the weekend mission.
  • Fixed an issue that could mark weekend missions as encrypted and override their rewards.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented glyphs being entered into Portals more than once.
  • Fixed an issue where Portals featured in missions would not activate.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the player has no ship (including when on the other side of a mission-related portal).
  • Fixed a rare crash in the interaction system.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Sphere Creator to create too many spheres when used in multiplayer.