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Modern Warfare | How to make the Star Wars blaster

While there are tonnes of brilliant Call of Duty: Modern Warfare weapons to unlock and equip, the lack of a Modern Warfare Blaster/ laser gun might disappoint fans of the previous futuristic CoD titles. Fortunately, you can edit your guns with skins and new equipment add-ons. Knowing this, we’re going to tell you how you can create your very own Modern Warfare Star Wars Blaster. Sadly, we can’t make the gun shoot lasers, nor can we ensure that you’ll be better at aiming it than Storm Troopers. Read on to discover how to make the Space Blaster.

How to Make the Modern Warfare Star Wars Blaster

Modern Warfare Star Wars Blaster

It’s time to take Call of Duty back into space with this neat Modern Warfare Star Wars Blaster edit. As stated above, it doesn’t seem that there is any sign of a futuristic laser gun in Modern Warfare, but that won’t stop us from making one that at least looks like it is from the future. Thanks to Redditor u/NapalmTrees1, we know that you can make something that looks as though it has been lifted straight from Star Wars. Read on to discover how to make it.

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You will need the following equipment to make the Modern Warfare Star Wars Blaster:

  • Kilo 141
  • Hundred Round Drum Magazine
  • Sniper Scope 8x
  • Singuard Arms Whisper (sound suppression)

Once you unlock the Kilo 141, simply keep using it until you unlock the add-ons you need to transform it into a replica Star Wars Blaster. Before you start adding these things onto the weapon, however, you will want to remove the stock to help complete the metamorphosis. Simply attach the items above to the weapon once you have removed its stock and you should get something that resembles the gun in the image above (apply a skin or color to finish the look). Sadly, however, we can’t get it to shoot actual lasers. You’ll need to make those pew pew noises in your head to complete the experience.

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