Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolution Stones Location | Thunder, Dusk, Shiny, and more

Evolution Stones are a great means of evolving your Pokemon, especially in the case of something like an Eevee that has several potential routes for players to follow in Leafeon (Leaf Stone), Glaceon (Ice Stone), and Flareon (Fire Stone). If you’re looking to evolve any of your Pokemon via the easiest possible means, you’ll definitely want to learn of this Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolution Stones location in order to get your hands on a huge stash of them.

Where to find Evolution Stones in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolution Stones location

Make your way to the Lake of Outrage located in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area, as pictured above. Reaching the desired location will require the use of the bike’s Water Mode, which you can acquire after earning your sixth gym badge. Once you’re at the Lake of Outrage, you’ll see the strange stone structure that’s pictured below.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolution Stones location

Each of the rock spires has a different type of Evolution Stone beside it, which you pick up in order to eventually receive one of each of the eight types of stones that are available.

  • Fire Stone
  • Dusk Stone
  • Thunder Stone
  • Water Stone
  • Ice Stone
  • Dawn Stone
  • Leaf Stone
  • Shiny Stone

Note that there are other Wild Area locations where these stones can be found, but the Lake of Outrage presents an easy location to find them in bulk and guarantee one of whichever specific Evolution Stone you might be looking for.

Can you buy Evolution Stones in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolution Stones location

Unfortunately, unlike previous games, it doesn’t currently appear as though players are able to purchase Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolution Stones from an in-game store. This decision is likely geared towards encouraging players to thoroughly explore the Wild Area, which is a significant new addition that the developers will no doubt want as many people as possible to engage with.