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All Pokemon Sword and Shield Bike Upgrades

Let’s face it, no one likes spending time traveling from one area of the map to another during a quest. It can get old really quick and take up a lot of playtime, leaving you feeling like you wasted your time and didn’t make any progress while playing. Thankfully, the Pokemon Sword and Shield bike aims to help players make traveling to different locations a little bit easier. Our guide will show you how to get the Rotom bike, how to use it, and how to upgrade it so that you can ride on water.

How to unlock the Pokemon Sword and Shield bike?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Bike Upgrades

To unlock the Pokemon Sword and Shield Rotom bike, you’ll need to follow a couple of simple steps. Thankfully, it won’t take long to get the bike, and you’ll be able to use it in now time. The four steps below will tell you exactly what to do.

  1. Head to Route 5
  2. Head to the bridge, where you’ll find Team Yell bullying a man
  3. Fight Team Yell and protect the man being bullied
  4. After you defeat Team Yell, the man will give you the Rotom bike

Now that you have the bike unlocked, you’ll be able to ride around to different locations instead of having to walk. However, this won’t do you much good if you don’t know how to ride your bike, or what upgrades are available to you. Keep reading to find out more.

How to upgrade your Pokemon Sword and Shield bike?

Pokemon Sword and Shield bike upgrades

If you decide to go through the process of upgrading your bike in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you’ll be able to ride it over water. This will obviously make traveling across the map easier, as you can go through bodies of water instead of around them. Further, you will also be able to discover new areas that you couldn’t go before — allowing you to catch even more Pokemon.

Below are the five steps below that you’ll need to follow in order to upgrade your Rotom bike.

  1. Travel to Route 8 and beat Rock Gym
  2. This will unlock Route 9, where you’ll meet Team Yell again
  3. Approach Team Yell and begin a battle
  4. Fight and defeat them
  5. Upon defeat, you’ll earn a bike upgrade which allows you to ride on water

Now that you’ve figured how how to upgrade your bike, you should be able to cut down your travel time significantly. Instead of having to waste time walking around the map, you’ll be able to quickly travel across and road or through any body of water. Since there are a handful of Pokemon out there waiting to be caught, this should make your life a whole lot easier.

How to ride the Pokemon Sword and Shield bike?

Now that you have your Rotom bike unlocked and upgraded, you’ll need to know how to ride it if you want to use it effectively — thankfully, there are only a few controls on your Nintendo Switch Joycon that you’ll need to remember. To ride the bike, simply use the + and – buttons on your Joycon, this will allow you to ride your bike through the streets of town or on water. Further, you can boost on your bike by pressing the B button repeatably to charge up a boost, which will give you a short boost and allow you to temporarily go faster.

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