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Halo Reach PC Input Lag | How to stop mouse lagging

After years of waiting, we can finally play Halo Reach with a mouse and keyboard. The trouble is, there is some noticeable and annoying Halo Reach PC input lag when playing with this setup. If you have encountered the annoying sluggish controls while playing with a mouse and keyboard, we might just have a fix for you that should, hopefully, improve your Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC experience. Don’t reach for that controller just yet.

Halo Reach PC Input Lag | How to stop mouse lagging

Halo Reach PC input lag

Taking a quick look online, it’s clear to see that it’s not just you struggling with Halo Reach PC input lag while using a mouse and keyboard, specifically. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways in which you can fix the problem, at least to some extent. As a disclaimer, if none of the fixes below work for you, we recommend switching to a controller for the time being, or at least until the developers properly fix the mouse and keyboard lagging. For whatever reason, the input lag isn’t as bad when using a controller.

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In the game’s menus, you can find options for “Mouse Acceleration” and “Mouse Smoothing.” We’ve found that turning these options either off or onto their lowest settings helps alleviate mouse input lag to some extent. Head into these settings and turn Mouse Acceleration down to “1” and turn Mouse Smoothing “off.” Hopefully, this improves your experience, if not, the developers should be aware of the issue and actively working on a fix.

If turning your mouse acceleration and smoothing settings down or off doesn’t help, your input lag could be being caused by uncapped framerate and V-Sync. It’s known that Halo Reach uncapped framerate would be unstable at launch on PC. Try capping the framerate at either 30 or 60 FPS to help remove input lag. Turning V-Sync off might help you out in this regard, too.

While playing online co-op, people have been encountering input lag rather badly, too. Unfortunately, this could simply be server issues at launch. Hopefully, 343 Industries is aware of the problem and tries to fix it through dedicated servers, which are only used for regular matchmaking as far as we’re aware. For now, we’d suggest that you try to remove strict NAT types from your router and make sure both yours and your friend’s internet connections and speeds are up to scratch.