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How to unlock Golem in Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare features a range of Operators for players to make use of in multiplayer. They don’t affect gameplay as your choice of character does in a game like Rainbow Six Siege or Overwatch, but they’re aesthetically diverse and important to the community at any rate. As of the recent Season 1 update, some new Operators have entered the mix, with Golem being a particularly popular addition. If you’re on of his fans, here’s what you need to know about how to unlock Golem in Modern Warfare.

How to play as Golem in Modern Warfare

how to unlock Golem in Modern Warfare

Operators in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are unlocked through a variety of means.  Some are simple to get your hands on, others require a little more determination, but, luckily, Golem falls into the former category. In order to play as Golem, you’ll just need to complete the Operation Kuvalda Spec Ops mission in Eastern Verdansk.

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Obviously playing with a full squad of four players will help to secure your success, and so too will mic-ing up in order to communicate and coordinate throughout the mission. Ensuring that you have a good spread of roles and equipment loadouts should also help tremendously, although some have reported finding success in choosing to play as an entire squad of Medics in order to keep the team in the fight.

Once you’re all set up, it’s possible to progress through the mission stealthily or all guns blazing. The decision is yours, though try to decide before launching into the mission so that all players can kit themselves out accordingly. Once you’ve beaten the Operation Kuvalda Spec Ops mission, all players will be rewarded with the Golem unlock.

You can use the skin in competitive and cooperative multiplayer, but Operators don’t transfer over to the Modern Warfare campaign.