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Borderlands 3 Opposition Research Glitch | Is there an unable to finish quest bug fix?

Borderlands 3 is chock full of optional side quests, one of which goes by the name of Opposition Research. After gaining access to the Skywell-27 area on the planet Promethea by progressing through the mainline Space-Laser Tag chapter, you’ll be able to activate the quest by speaking to Gonner. Be sure to do so and follow through with the quest immediately, otherwise, you could encounter the Borderlands 3 Opposition Research glitch and find yourself unable to progress.

How to avoid the Borderlands 3 Opposition Research gitch

Borderlands 3 Opposition Research glitch

During the Opposition Research side mission in Borderlands 3, you’ll be tasked with collecting three pieces of intel to help Gonner with his data gathering on Katagawa. Reaching the second piece of intel requires players to bypass a large pipe that spews fire, and this is where the problem can rear its ugly head.

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An Opposition Research quest bug can occur if you choose to ignore the side objective for the time being and focus on the main quest, then come back later. How so? The flame pipe will only spew fire intermittently (and can be turned off completely) upon your first visit to Skywell-27, but if you come back to this area after progressing the story its stream of flames will have returned and become a permanent fixture.

The fire is quite deadly and will always come out on the winning end should you choose to try and jettison yourself through it. If you want to avoid encountering the issue, be sure to prioritize completing Opposition Research as soon as you pick the quest up. If you’ve already encountered the issue, unfortunately, there isn’t a known way to further progress the mission at this time.

It’s times like these that make you wish Gearbox hadn’t patched the invincibility glitch, but alas, they have. Reports of the Borderlands 3 Opposition Research glitch have been circulating for a while now, so we can only hope that it’s already a known quantity and a fix is implemented in a future patch.