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Death Stranding Veteran Porter Glitch | Not leveling up bug fix

Your job in Death Stranding is already hard enough, what with carrying back-breaking loads over long distances and contending with enemies all the while. Not to mention needing to look after the needs of protagonist Sam “Porter” Bridges (Norman Reedus) and his Bridge Baby. With lots already on your plate, encountering the Death Stranding Veteran Porter glitch won’t come as a pleasant surprise, but, hopefully, this quick and easy fix will make your day that little bit better.

How to progress Veteran Porter stars and increase bond in Death Stranding

Death Stranding Veteran Porter glitch

Your primary goal in Hideo Kojima’s first independent game is to unite surviving Preppers under the UCA (United Cities of America) banner and give America a fighting chance against the apocalyptic events it’s faced with. To do so, you’ll need to convince people to join your cause and then further increase your bonds to unlock equipment that helps in achieving your ultimate goals.

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It’s impossible to do that when an apparent Veteran Porter bug prevents you from progressing your bond with this particular Prepper, though. Located northwest of Timefall Farm in the Central Region, delivering lost cargo to this former Porter won’t do much of anything unless you’ve first rested up and read your emails.

That’s right: You aren’t actually encountering a glitch, but rather an odd design choice/oversight that means some Preppers won’t bond with Sam if he hasn’t read their incoming mail. You’ll need to rest at any location with Private Room access (main cities and Distribution Centers) and then open any emails you have from the Veteran Porter before delivering more items.

Note that you will need to repeat this process again if you’re looking to max out the relationship at 5-stars. An efficient way of doing so is to build a zip-line allowing quick access to a nearby Private Room, then deliver pieces of lost cargo piecemeal rather than in bulk. That way, as soon as you realize that your bond isn’t progressing, you can avoid completing any more deliveries and go rest.